Watch Berkowitz w/Chicago Mayoral Candidate Brown on Laquan McDonald, CPS & poor Chicago job growth: Cable&Web

Tonight's City of Chicago Edition of Public Affairs features Dorothy Brown, 64, one of ten Chicago Mayoral Candidates in the February 26, 2019 election. The program airs at 8:30 pm and midnight throughout Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV].

The program was taped on May 25, 2019, prior to the Chicago Tribune breaking the story about the gross malfeasance and negligence that apparently permeated CPS' and the Mayor's office handling of the more than 500 allegations of sexual abuse (including rapes) of CPS students. That issue will be discussed extensively with candidate Brown when she returns (soon we hope) to the Public Affairs set.

You can also watch, 24/7, the program featuring Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown, by clicking here.

And, if you do, you will see Mayoral Candidate Brown debating and discussing a broad range of issues including the shooting death (and possible) murder of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago policeman and the failure of the City to release the video of the shooting of McDonald, who was allegedly using a three inch knife to scratch some cars when he was shot to death. Of course, there is also the question of potential gross mismanagement of the police force by the Mayor and his police chief, Chicago Mayoral Candidate Gary McCarthy, during the three year run-up to the McDonald shooting (or murder). And, the issue of the rampant growth of murder and shooting homicides in Chicago under the Rahm Emanuel-Gary McCarthy regime.   

Also discussed is the general failure of CPS to educate its students, the grossly uneven and unfair distribution of job growth and economic development in Chicago, especially on the south and west sides of the City; and the issue of whether Clerk Brown would use any of her campaign funds to defend herself in a lawsuit, should she be indicted or prosecuted as a result of an investigation swirling around her office and involving, among other things, the sale of Circuit Court of Cook County Clerk office jobs.

Brown, 64, who holds an MBA & law degree (JD) and is a CPA, has held the office of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk since 2000, having been re-elected for a fourth time in 2016.

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