Watch Berkowitz w Kolber: IL at a tax, state employee pension debt and bankruptcy crossroads, cable and web

Tonight's Aurora edition of Public Affairs features Vince Kolber, Founder and Chairman of Residco, discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz  key current fiscal problems of Illinois relative to the other states and how they could get worse, really soon! Or much better, if the right corrective actions are taken.

The show makes use of considerable data analyses prepared by Truth in

The show airs tonight at 6 pm on Aurora Community Television, aka ACTV-10.  The show than repeats on Saturday of this week and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of next week, same time, channel and place. 

Everyone with internet access can also watch the show 24/7 by clicking here


The November 6, 2018 Governor's election contest between Republican Gov. Rauner  and Democrat Challenger J. B. Pritzker will decide a number of important matters related to the Illinois' future financial condition.

For example, will Rep. Jeanne Ives and her more than 500,000 actual and likely supporters vote and support Gov. Rauner as a way of opposing higher taxes from Democrats in the form of a "Progressive," IL income tax as well as other ways to raise IL taxes. Watch here (35 seconds).

Also, are progressive taxes and taxes in general job killers. Watch here (22 seconds)

And, will businesses and individuals leave IL for zero income tax rate states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee? Watch here (36 seconds) 

Further, can we persuade productive taxpayers to come to Chicago, Illinois where we hand new taxpayers, on average, a $90,000 liability Watch here (19 seconds)  

Finally, did many taxpayers in Illinois face a 120 % state income tax increase in 2017? Watch here (1 minute)

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