Watch 2019 Chicago Mayoral candidate Vallas tested for a half hour on key issues by Berkowitz: Cable & Web

1.A. Our Public Affairs show featuring Paul Vallas is airing tonight throughout the City of Chicago proper (potential viewer audience of 1.5 million households) at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (Comcast, RCN, WOW or AT&T) .

1.B. The show also airs tonight in Evanston (potential viewer audience of 75,000 people) at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 6 and repeats twice daily in Evanston over this entire week (a total of 14 times) at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 6 (Comcast and AT&T) and

2.The show will also air in 24 North and Northwest Chicago metro suburbs (with a potential audience of more than a million households-- These people can't vote in the 2019 Chicago mayoral election, but they can give campaign contributions to and become volunteers for the Chicago Mayoral candidates, of which there are now 9) tomorrow night at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19 or 35 (Comcast or AT&T), as set out below:

Cable Ch. 19 in 
Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village,
Hoffman Estates, parts of Inverness, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Palatine, Rolling Meadows and Wilmette and on

Cable Ch. 35 in  Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Glenview, Golf, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Mt. Prospect, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Schaumburg, Skokie, Streamwood and Wheeling.

3. Anyone with internet access can also watch the Paul Vallas show 24/7 by clicking here

4. The show gives voters and potential donors a very good sense of Paul's comprehensive knowledge of, vision for and passion on a number of the 2019 Chicago Mayoral election issues-- as well as prescriptions to improve education (via charters, vouchers, traditional neighborhoods schools?), public safety (Can we reduce the murder rate to something more like NYC or LA, Should we fire or keep Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson? Should Chicago increase the number of CPD detectives? Can we make better use of SDSCs? CPD's resources declining over the last 18 years?), economic growth and the job outlook across Chicago's 77 neighborhoods (for whites, African-Americans, Hispanics and other ethnic groups)- not just for the shiny parts of the City. 

Also discussed is the meaning  and implications of the handling of the Laquan McDonald October 20, 2014 shooting by Mayor Emanuel, including when did Rahm know about the video of the shooting, how long did it take for him to watch it and did he act responsibly on that matter?  How would Paul Vallas have handled that situation. 

Also discussed is whether "over-capacity" is an issue contributing to the failure of CPS charter and traditional neighborhood schools.  Or does competition require over-capacity to weed out the non-performers and reward the better performing schools in CPS? What would Milton Friedman say? John Kenneth Galbraith?

What would the nine candidates for Chicago Mayor say about over capacity of schools and Laquan McDonald? the other key mayoral issues? 

We have already heard their positions on many of these issues from Paul Vallas and Willie Wilson. What about Rahm Emanuel? Gary McCarthy? Ja'Mal Green? Troy LaRaviere? Lori Lightfoot?  Dorothy Brown? and Neal Sales-Griffin?

If your Mayoral candidate hasn't been on Public Affairs yet, encourage him or her to join Paul Vallas and Willie Wilson in our first round of candidate interviews. We would like to have all nine candidates on the show before we start our 2nd round.


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