You give us 90 seconds? We give you, in 90 second videos, what you need to know for your IL Governor vote

Missed this week's Public Affairs, not to worry, you can watch 24/7 the show with Republican Party Gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives  (22 minutes) and  Berkowitz's commentary on the Dem Gov Primary and Fall Gov general election (7  minutes) by clicking here.

Only have nine minutes or maybe just a minute to find out what's going on in the IL Dem or R gubernatorial primaries? You have come to the right place, watch one or all six of the short videos, below.


Start with 1 minute from Jeanne

Ives, below: I would not have

offered new tax revenue to Dems...

90 seconds from Berkowitz, below,
on Dems Progressive income tax
(Pritzker & Kennedy), 
Financial Transaction Tax (Biss) and
Ives' Property Tax Cap

90 seconds from Ives, below, on Rauner's lie that

Jeanne Ives opposed a property tax freeze

90 seconds, above, from Jeanne

on Rauner's deadly Quincy Vet

Home failure


90 seconds, above, of Berkowitz

discussing the choice from

5 major D or R Gov Candidates


Jeanne, below, on Rauner's lie that Jeanne
Ives wants to keep the 32% Dem income
tax increase (90 seconds)


Gov. Rauner's collosal lying has included numerous lies in Rauner's mailers and TV ads (costing tens of millions of dollars)  about Jeanne Ives' positions on income taxes and property taxes, a Rauner fabricated political association between Speaker Madigan and Ives and Rauner's most shameful and sinful lie-  a promise given to Cardinal Cupich that Rauner would not sign into law taxpayer funding of elective abortions, a promise which Rauner broke, seemingly without batting an eye. 

This level of lying in politics by Rauner seems to be a first, even in Illinois. Indeed, this may be Rauner's only accomplishment as Governor- A liar in a League of his Own.  As other journalists have said, this is neither an endorsement of Jeanne, nor a no vote for Rauner.  Maybe IL wants a premier liar for Governor. We discuss, you decide.       

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