Watch Obama's ballsy 2002 discussion w/Berkowitz that won Obama the 2008 Presidency. It pays to have balls. Cable & Web

---Obama had the balls in 2002 to oppose Iraq War:   

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of  "Public Affairs," [8:30 pm & Midnight, Cable Ch. 21] features Barack Obama coming out against the Iraq War on Nov. 25, 2002, and thereby winning the 2008 Presidency.

No major candidate in the 2004 U. S. Senate Democratic Primary in IL, other than Obama, had the balls in 2002 to say he would have voted against the Iraq War. After all, about 80% of the U. S. population, or more, supported invading Iraq at that time.

Obama says on tonight's show, taped and aired in 2002, that had he been in Congress in the Fall of 2002 he would not have authorized the President to take military action in Iraq [about 21:25 into the show]. Obama already had made, in October, 2002, a much more forceful, but little noticed or publicized, anti-Iraq War speech at the Federal Plaza in the Chicago Loop

You can also watch the show with Barack Obama 24/7 by clicking here

Laura Washington, who has focused much of her broadcast and print journalism career, for more than three decades, on race, poverty, crime and other urban issues joined Berkowitz in questioning Obama on the November, 2002 show.

---Johnny come latelies to Iraq anti-war effort:

By 2004, some of the other 2004 Dem Primary U. S. Senate candidates [and Donald Trump] made somewhat anti- Iraq War statements, but that was too late to prevent the major U. S. foreign policy disaster that was the Iraq War.

Gery Chico, former President of the CPS School Board (during the 1995-2001 Vallas-Chico era) and candidate for Mayor against Emanuel et al in 2011, and a competitor of Obama's in the 2004 U. S. Senate Democratic Primary said, "Obama was one weapon of mass destruction away from having been disastrously wrong on Iraq."

Yes, Gery, but nobody found one weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, did they? So, what the Hell does that mean?

---Hillary and John Edwards play it safe:

And, neither of Obama's major opponents in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary,Hillary Clinton or John Edwards, had the courage, foresight, intelligence, judgment and balls to oppose the Iraq War in 2002.

When it counted, both Hillary and Edwards fucked up badly.

They voted in the fall of 2002 to give President  George W. Bush a blank check to waste more than 3 trillion dollars, thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of other lives on a useless war.  All because they had no balls.

And the Democratic Presidential Primary activist voters in 2008 remembered the cowardice of Hillary and Edwards in 2002 and the courage of Obama, making him their Party's nominee.

And the general election presidential voters in 2008 saw that Obama had a better track record than McCain on Iraq, sounded smarter on other key policy issues, including the Economy, and chose Obama to be their President.  

Indeed, in 2016, and to this day, many of the Democratic Party Primary voters had and have not forgiven Hillary for her 2002 vote supporting the Iraq War.

---Moral to the story: Have balls:

Moral to the story: It pays to have balls. Maybe we can find a candidate for IL Governor in 2018 who has them, and a journalist with the balls to challenge such candidates.

Maybe, but, I wouldn't bet on it.

You can also watch the show with Barack Obama 24/7 by clicking here

Tonight's show also airs every day this week and next week at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm in Evanston on Cable Ch. 6


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