Berkowitz w/ Republican Primary State Rep. Candidate Bob Bednar (Grayslake, 62nd Dist), Cable/Web

Bob Bednar (R-Grayslake), state rep. candidate in the 62nd District:  If we could get the state income tax rate down to 3%, that would be great. I don’t know if it’s possible the way we have runaway spending going on in Springfield:

Bednar describes himself as an all the way conservative:

Kenny Idstein is the Republican choice in the 62nd District State House race of Dan Profit and the IOP, an offshoot of the Illinois Policy Institute. Idstein self identifies as somewhere between moderate and conservative.


Tonight’s and next Tuesday night's Chicago metro suburban  edition of Public Affairs (See airing schedule, below) features State Rep. Candidate Bob Bednar (R-Grayslake) running in what looks to be a hotly contested Republican Primary in the 62nd District in Lake County, and interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz.

You can also watch the show with State Rep. Candidate Bednar 24/7 by clicking here.

Bednar debates and discusses the key issues with show host Berkowitz

The winner of the Republican Primary will face the Democratic Party incumbent, Sam Yingling (D-Round Lake Beach).

Yingling, in his 5th year in office, was able to vote against the Democrats’ state income tax increase, thanks to Republicans like State Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights), who helped Speaker Madigan pass the $5 billion income tax bill.

If Speaker Madigan needed Yingling’s vote to pass the Democratic Party’s tax increase, that would have been a tough vote for Yingling to have taken- come next November’s general election, as his District strongly opposes tax increases.

As WIND 560 AM Radio conservative morning drive talk show host Dan Proft has said, having 15 state house Republicans, including David Harris, join Team Madigan to pass higher taxes enables Dems like Yingling to vote against the tax increase, and be more likely to win re-election and keep the Republicans in the minority.

About 40% of the Republican primary voters in the 62nd  State House District reside in GraysLake, 25% in the Round Lake communities, 10% in Gurnee and Hainseville and the rest are split among Waukonda, Wildwood, Fox Lake, Lake Villa, Waukegan and Ingleside.

The Illinois Opportunity Project (“IOP”), an offshoot of the six billion dollar, or so, fifty employee, or so, Illinois Policy Institute, run by libertarian, free marketeer John Tillman, interviewed Bednar and Kenny Idstein, and decided to put its chips on Idstein.  Dan Proft, who works with IOP, is also apparently supporting Idstein

Idstein is an interesting choice for IOP, as he described himself on the day this show was taped, October 1, to this reporter as somewhere between moderate and conservative, while Bednar self identifies as a pure, consistent, all the way “Conservative.”

Idstein also could not give this reporter his definitive word on where he stood on abortion.

He said he would ban abortion except in cases of rape, incest and the “Health” of the mother, but he could not say whether the physical or mental health of the mother, or both would qualify for an exception.

Mr. Idstein said he was still doing research on that issue, and would get back to me on that—perhaps in a month.

Bednar, on the other hand, is completely pro-life and would only allow an abortion if the life of the mother is at issue.


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