A guide to how Gov. Rauner should address the State on Wednesday: Watch Berkowitz w/Leader Durkin (Could he Primary Rauner?), Cable and Web

Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin:  ...If the Democrats want revenue, they need to get reforms passed first. I am always going to keep an open mind to any proposal from the Democrats. But. ...

Tonight's City of Chicago edition of "Public Affairs," features Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin.   The show airs throughout the City of Chicqgo at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]

You can also watch the show featuring Leader Durkin --24/7 by clicking here and in the Chicago Metro suburbs and other parts of the state later in the week (See, below).

Tonight's  show, which was taped on Sep. 28, 2015, is just as relevant tonight as it was sixteen months ago, to understand the impasse on the State budget and state reforms. After 19 months of no budgets for FY 2016 and FY2017, all we have done is add 10 billion dollars of unpaid bills to the State's debt.

The Cullerton -Radogno Grand Bargain is a farce. Chris Radogno got no real reforms of workers comp. and pensions, no significant spending cuts  and she gave the Democrats what they wanted, more than six billion dollars  in new revenue.    Gov. Rauner said then and he says now he is open to compromise, so long as the Democrats are willing to discuss and agree to some of his real reforms.  The Governor has pretty much abandoned most of his reform proposals, such as "right to work," zones, but it appears he is still looking for real workers comp. reform (a major change in the causation standard) and a real property tax freeze, without major exemptions and loopholes, and some real reforms to allow villages and municipalities to lower their operating costs.   

So, if you want to understand Gov. Rauner's Turnaround Agenda, as it was and as it is, you should tune in to tonight's program with Republican House Leader Durkin.

And, if the Governor doesn't make clear on Wednesday in his budget speech that he won't agreed to increased revenue, unless he gets significant spending cuts and real reforms, as outlined above, then maybe Leader Durkin should think about "Primarying Gov. Rauner."

So, tonight on Public Affairs, Leader Durkin debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz (1) Gov. Rauner's initial Turnaround Agenda-- such as redistricting, term limits, curtailment of public sector union power, workmen's comp. reform, tort reform, spending cuts, the right of local governments to curtail the scope of collective bargaining with local public sector unions, the right  of municipalities to become "Right to work zones." and to abolish "Prevailing wage requirements,"  and a real estate property tax freeze and (2) how to resolve the state budget impasse-- such as Republicans agreeing to support new revenues in exchange for Democrats agreeing to support budgetary and related fiscal and constitutional reforms.   

The program with Leader Durkin also airs tomorrow night at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch. 19 or Comcast Cable Ch. 35 in 24 Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburbs, as indicated, below: 

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-- Tonight and This Wed. night at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 6 in Evanston.

--This Thursday night at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch. 17 in Rockford and surrounding areas

_ This week in Aurora at 6:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday on ACTV-10

--You can also watch the show featuring Leader Durkin --24/7 by clicking here.


Jeff Berkowitz:  Are there  any conditions, Jim Durkin... under which you would support an increase in the state income tax rate from 3.75% to something higher? Would you do it?

Republican Leader Jim Durkin: I can't speak to that right now-- I want to see some good faith- on the reforms-

Berkowitz: You might?  If there were a good faith effort on reforms-

Jim Durkin: All I will say is that-- if they want revenue, they need to get reforms passed first. I am always going to keep an open mind to any proposal from the Democrats. But the fact is... All I am saying is I want to see reforms first, the Governor wants to see reforms-- because- the Democrats- we know what they want, they want a tax increase with no strings attached.  They did that 4 1/2 years ago. It didn't work, it was a failure.

Jeff Berkowitz: This time,  you want some strings...

Public Affairs, September 28, 2015


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  • Now that it has come and gone:
    Re the advance copy. While carryin a bit of the speech live, Dina Bair said "he's on page 3 of 9 pages" and then cut away. Someone had advance copy.
    Re what Rauner was gonna say: Other than maybe givin the Senate negotiators a little support, on the House side, Madigan pulled out the same autotext from Steve Brown's computer. Bottom line, it doesn't matter what Rauner said, as we know who is still in control.

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