Ten vital things known 52 hours after the San Bernardino shootings, including shooter's ISIS allegiance

Shooter Tashfeen Malik came to the states in 2014 with a K-1 fiancée visa... Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS leader... the shooters' home was not dusted for fingerprints...

Ten vital things known 52 hours after the San Bernardino shootings:

10. Shooter Zyed Farook, a 28 year old U. S. citizen and Muslim, became increasingly devout over the last two years and was employed for the last five years as a San Bernardino County Health Dept. restaurant inspector.

9. The other shooter in the massacre was Farook’s wife- Tashfeen Malik, a Muslim who was born and grew up in Pakistan until she was 18 to 20—when she reportedly began traveling with some frequency back and forth between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan prior to her marriage with Farook.  Tashfeen was disguised as a man during the shootings. A very religious Muslim, she prayed five times a day, chose not to drive and functioned as Farook's housewife and mom in the U. S.  Tashfeen spoke broken English and Farook’s brothers never saw her face-- which was covered most of the time, as is true with many Muslim women.

8. Reportedly, Farook and Tashfeen met on an on-line dating/marriage website two years ago and Farook followed up by meeting with Tashfeen and her family in Saudi Arabia in 2013, when he was there, in part, for religious reasons. Tashfeen came to the states in July, 2014 with a K-1 “fiancée visa,” from Pakistan. That visa requires the recipient to marry a U. S. citizen within 90 days. The recipient is vetted by the U. S. State Department, which includes fingerprints, interviews and documentation. Tashfeen filed proof of marriage to U. S. citizen Farook within 90 days of the visa issuance (reflecting a marriage in Saudi Arabia), passed the vetting process and received a green card from the U. S. State Department. U. S. State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said today the government stands by its vetting process and has no plans to make changes in it,.

7. Farook and Tashfeen had a six month old baby and Forook's colleagues had a baby shower for him, not attended by his wife, in the last few weeks. The infant was left in the care of Farook's mother (who lived upstairs in shooters' home) when the pair went to conduct their massacre.  The mother was told the pair were going to a doctor’s appointment.

6.  The shooters wore assault-style tactical gear and Go-Pro cameras (which could have been used to film the shootings and then upload the videos to be seen on the internet). Both shooters used 223 caliber assault rifles and semi-automatic hand guns.

5. The FBI confirmed in the last four hours that (A) Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, on Facebook just before she and her husband carried out the shooting and (B) the massacre is now being investigated as an Act of Terrorism (C) The FBI has not concluded whether the attacks were ISIS inspired or directed, but at a minimum they appear to have been ISIS inspired and (D) The attacks were well planned and clearly not spontaneous.

4. Prior to the shootings, Farook attended his government agency’s meeting/party and argued with a colleague over whether Islam is a “Peaceful religion.” Farook left the meeting and returned with his wife to execute their planned terrorist act.

3. Knowledgeable sources have speculated that Farrok and Tashfeen planned to engage in several different terrorist acts and that they may have made a last minute decision to make the Social Services Center their first terrorist act.

2. Both San Bernardino shooters appear to have been self-radicalized, ISIS inspired and the shootings fit the mode of what is usually referred to as “radical Islamic Terrorism.”  The FBI, however, has not concluded whether or not the shooters were directed, overseen or assisted by ISIS, Al-Qaeda or other terrorism entities or individuals.

1. Less than 50 hours after the shooting, media access was given to the home of the shooters by the home owner-- and video of  the inside of the home, including baby toys, visas, passports, objects of the Muslim faith and other ID information relating to the shooters was cablecast by the cable networks and perhaps others this afternoon.  The FBI announced, this afternoon, that the home, and the evidence inside it, no longer needed to be protected as a crime scene, or a property with evidence relevant to a crime.  According to a Fox News Channel contributing correspondent's report today,  the home was not dusted for fingerprints by the FBI or other law enforcement authorities prior to it being made available to the media by the owner.



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  • 0: No mention (at least above) how they got that arsenal, and apparently legally.
    6. The police chief denied the Go-Pros. You know that;s the first thing the FBI would have seized. The FBI certainly mentioned that it seized a computer with a hard drive missing.
    9-10. Nothing indicates that very devout Muslims inherently are terrorists.

  • In reply to jack:

    9-10: I don't think he was implying that, so what is your point?

  • In reply to Chef D:

    No, Chef he was, or he wouldn't have mentioned it. Also the news reports today were that Forook quit going to Mosque.

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