Bettter than Donald Trump debating Megyn Kelly, Berkowitz w/ UChicago economist Allen Sanderson on minimum wages and school choice, Cable and Web

Tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features University of Chicago Senior Lecturer in economics, Allen Sanderson, discussing, among other issues, minimum wages, unemployment, charter schools, education reform, the low rate of literacy in CPS, school vouchers  and school choice.    The show airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV].

You can also watch the show featuring Professor Sanderson 24/7 by clicking here. 

Topics discussed include the impact nationally on unemployment of an increase in the federal minimum wage to the level favored by President Obama-- $10.10 per hour; the general impact of minimum wages on those individuals with relatively low skills, the impact of minimum wages on fast food chains becoming more automated, the laws of supply and demand, whether minimum wages are motivated by politics and attempts by unions to burden their members' competitors;  a negative income tax as a way of assisting low income individuals;  whether IL and Chicago have relatively high unemployment rates, in part, due to their higher than average minimum wages; the relationship between wages and the productivity/years of schooling of the individual; how to radically improve the quality of education in the inner cities, including Chicago; school vouchers, charter schools, competition, innovation,   school choice and using compensation to reward good teachers.

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