Better than Paul Lisnek with Lisa Madigan: Watch Berkowitz w/ IL Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf

This afternoon's episode of Public Affairs airs at noon on Cable Ch. 6 [ECTV] throughout the People's Republic of Evanston, featuring Paul Schimpf, the Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General.  You might recall that the current occupant of that office, Lisa Madigan, daughter of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, was elected to that office in 2002.  In the last twelve years, has AG Lisa Madigan done anything about public corruption? or is that not within the purview of the Illinois AG.  Paul Schimpf debates and discusses those and other campaign issues with show host Jeff Berkowitz.

You don't live in Evanston. Not to worry, you can watch, 24/7 the Public Affairs show with Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf by clicking here and or going to Affairs TV   and clicking the Paul Schimpf show. 


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