Berkowitz with Cong. Peter Roskam on the efficiencies of Medicare Part D, Web and Cable (8:30 pm and midnight tonight in Chicago)

Cong. Peter Roskam: ...the vast majority of Americans...know ...if they are able to choose, they ... make better choices than bureaucrats; ...they know that Obamacare has been a false claim ...

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Cong. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton, IL 6th CD). The show airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and repeats again at midnight on Cable Ch. 21.  Congressman Roskam discusses how the Medicare Part D prescription drug program has far exceeded expectations in terms of delivering prescription drugs to seniors at lower costs and higher quality than had been anticipated, due to the government employing, for a change, free market forces and competition.   

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Next week’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Rahm Emanuel.


Benjamin Dominich [Heartland Institute]: ...You can see an example right here in Illinois of the kind of idiocy of putting these kinds of negotiation powers with the government; you can see it in the dispensing fees that are negotiated through Illinois’ Medicaid fee for service program-  it currently pays pharmacies $4.60 per prescription, compared to the privately negotiated rate for dispensing fees for prescriptions- that’s only about $2 per prescription, and it just gives you a perspective on how private industry negotiating back and forth  can actually achieve savings...

Benjamin Dominich: ... Part D shows the model that we should take when it comes to the approach of entitlements, which is essentially that we should give people more access-- we should also give them an exposure to the decisions that they are making, so they shouldn’t have essentially no attachment to the price of the good they are purchasing. One of the lines that I have used... is that no one cares how much something costs if someone else is paying for it.  And I think that is very true of the entitlement expansion and of Obamacare generally...

Cong. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton, IL 6th   CD) :...Americans... are tethered to their health [insurance] coverage and they don’t have the ability to break out...Medicare is a program that over the years has largely been insulated from the power of market forces, it has been largely insulated [from]...the power of allowing somebody the ability to make a decision-- and then [based on] that decision, they receive the quality benefit, they receive the cost savings based on their decision and their decision alone, it’s an incredibly powerful thing. The Left abhors this idea, I mean completely abhors it-- and is terribly threatened by it.


Cong. Peter Roskam: Time and again, we are able to go back and demonstrate that actually if we move forward on this basis there is a foundation that is proven true; this is not a scholarly work alone; This is not a posting on a web site; this is not an appendix to Hayek’s work...this is settled doctrine that...even as Ben[Dominich] mentioned-- the Congressional Budget Office has had to revise [Medicare Part D premiums] which way? Down, down, down [for the cost of prescription drugs].  So, it is the power of an idea and it is an idea whose time has come...


Cong. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton, IL 6th   CD): So, how is that the private sector has that [credit card use fraud detection] technology and that level of sophistication and is able to drive credit card fraud rates down to a de minimis level and the federal government [Medicare program] doesn’t. The reason is- it’s the same world view that animates this incredible feeling of being threatened by the power of the market place. The exact same folks that look at Medicare Part D as potentially a threat to their orthodoxy and a threat to their world view-- as opposed to something they should embrace and run with. Instead [the Left] recedes back from these types of things that are out in the marketplace and are so incredibly powerful.

Cong. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton, IL 6th   CD): What is obvious to those of us in this room...that Medicare Part D has over-delivered and under-promised...out of that has come an example and examples are very powerful things, examples really can’t be silenced and the vast majority of Americans...They know one thing; they know if they are able to choose, they are able to make better choices than bureaucrats; they know that competition is a good thing and they know that Obamacare has been a false claim in terms of it’s ability to be a restraining influence on anything except job growth...

Cong. Peter Roskam: ...The Left’s approach is the independent Payment Advisory Board, that’s their remedy for restraining’s called rationing, yes, that controls costs;  telling people no, that controls costs; putting people in lines, that controls we want that power lying with the bureaucracy, the likes of which we see what that looks like—with the IRS scandal...that is no remedy and if that is what the left has to offer in terms of cost restraint, that’s nothing; it is a false I think we have an opportunity, we have to recognize that Medicare Part D has been an incredible success

Cong. Peter Roskam (R- Wheaton, IL 6th CD): ...when I do telephone town halls with seniors...time and time can feel the sense of relief at the other end of the phone where folks go, “Yeah, I like my prescription drug program...Well, do you like your ability to choose it? Yes. It’s not too complicated for you? No. You remember that [Democrats] said it was going to be way too complicated for seniors...So, let’s build on Medicare Part D, let’s defend it, let’s articulate it, let’s learn more about it and let’s advocate on its behalf ...for the hope that ...this promise can be kept and it can be expanded to other elements of our entitlement system that are so desperately in need of this buoyancy [resulting from the forces of free market competition, as found in the  implementation of Medicare, Part D].    .

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