Five reasons why Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is now the lamest of lame ducks.

“What was Cantor thinking,” they said as they voted yesterday for Cong. Cantor's Republican primary opponent, Dave Brat.  

5. Eric Cantor was a beatable candidate, even though he outspent his primary opponent, 25 to 1.  He had a lousy campaign staff who didn’t see the train coming. After 14 years in Congress, Cantor was taken with his press clippings. He didn’t realize that reaching out to compliment extreme liberal, pro-comprehensive immigration reform Democrat Cong. Luis Gutierrez (D-Chicago, 4th CD) was the way most guaranteed to upset his base in Virginia's 7th CD.

4. Dave Brat is a strong family values, congressional candidate, 49 years old, with a wife and two teenage kids, 18 years in the VA 7th CD, living in Ashland, VA.  Brat holds a Ph. D. in economics from American University (and a Masters in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary) and he has been teaching core economics courses (including price theory) and political philosophy for the last 18 years at Randolph Macon college. Brat’s core values are ideal for VA 7 CD and revolve around free markets, the law, low government spending, low taxes, a strong national defense, a belief in God and a belief in keeping government as close to the people as possible-- preferring government power to reside in local government over state government and in state government over the feds.

3. Brat is not a Tea-Party extremist, but his core values are more consistent with the Tea Party than Eric Cantor’s.  Even more important to his victory than the Tea Party was the support of conservative talk radio personalities Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.  Brat’s  anti- immigration views are not xenophobic, but based on the application of core price theory.  Leader Cantor was running across the country talking up immigration policies that would increase the supply of low skilled and unskilled labor.  Those policies would decrease the price of low skilled labor and the incomes of many of the VA 7th CD constituents, which Brat emphasized as a core economic policy difference between Cantor and himself. This is a core, kitchen table issue-- which helped Brat achieve a 55-44 % primary victory in VA 7th CD.

2. Brat understands that the way to create wealth is through the application of free markets, in conjunction with the operation of a basic capitalist, legal framework and private property rights. No crony capitalism and tired, establishment, Republican National Committee principles for him This is a distant world from that of Eric Cantor.

1. Brat did not run against U.S. House Republican majority leader Eric Cantor on a personal level but on a fervent belief in free markets, private property, the U. S. Constitution, individual rights and enforcement of the law—including border control and protecting the rights of U. S. citizens. Brat believes ideas matter—now and throughout history. Cantor, with a completely different philosophy from that of Brat, earlier this year attended an event sponsored by the Mainstreet partnership-- which specifically targets removing the influence of the Tea Party on the national Republican Party.  Cantor’s views couldn’t have been more wrong—from the perspective of the majority of voters in VA 7th CD.  “What was Cantor thinking,” they said as they voted yesterday for Cong. Cantor's Republican primary opponent, Dave Brat. Cantor was the first U. S.  House Majority Leader to lose a primary since the office was established in 1899.  A bit of a surprise.


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    Cantor was running for Speaker, not representative. This shakes everything up!

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