A stupendously, stupid discussion of minimum wages between CLTV show host Paul Lisnek and Gov Candidate Brady

As we get down to the wire in the Republican Primary Governor’s  race, watch for desperate candidates to say and do stupid things.  Downstate Republican Senator Bill Brady, who has been running a reasonably good campaign, is getting frustrated because he feels his slim chances to become his party’s nominee slipping away-- due to the fact that he can’t raise any funds and the frontrunner, mega-millionaire Winnetka businessman Bruce Rauner (who funded Brady in the 2010 Gov general election race), can rely on his own net worth and his rich supporters to keep his campaign coffers overflowing.

--Slipping into nonsense with Liberal Lisnek

Talking minimum wages yesterday with CLTV’s Paul Lisnek on “Politics Tonight,” Brady was led into nonsense by the chaotic and muddled mind of the biased, liberal newsman Lisnek.  Lisnek brought up, apparently with favor, what he described as the view of Republican Primary U. S Senate candidate Jim Oberweis.  Lisnek said Oberweis favored having a higher minimum wage for older workers (say those over 25) than for younger workers- who are often working entry level jobs.


Brady: There’s a big difference, he’s right. A big difference between--

Lisnek: A minimum wage for those who are [under]25 and for those who are supporting their family

Brady: [But], we have got to make sure we aren’t eliminating opportunities, though, for even them. Right now, our (the IL minimum wage is $8.25/hr) is higher than the federal level ($7.25/hr), higher than all surrounding states, so we want to make sure we don’t lose businesses to other states, but there is certainly a legitimate argument that the minimum wage should be different for someone who is trying to put themselves through high school or college by earning a little income as opposed to someone who is trying to build a career and raise a family.


--Oberweis to Lisnek to Brady

Folks, can you see how nonsense creeps into the usual, clear thinking mind of Senator Bill Brady?  First, Jim Oberweis, in an effort to appear more centrist and less gaffe prone than he was when he ran for office three times from 2001 to 2006, tells the liberal Lisnek what Oberweis thinks Lisnek wants to hear, i.e. we should have minimum wages- but maybe a lower minimum wage for less skilled, entry level workers.

Then, the liberal Lisnek sucks Brady into the line of thinking that minimum wages are good—and we should increase the minimum wage-- just don’t increase it as much for entry level workers as for those heading a family. Then Brady, in an attempt to placate his liberal TV show host Lisnek, says yes—have a higher minimum wage for the guy with the family.

--If Brady can pander to Lisnek, why not pander to the IEA?

Gee, Bill, if you want to be a liberal, why not have fifteen different minimum wages for fifteen different age groups. Better yet, fifteen different minimum wages for fifteen different talk show hosts. You see how easy it is to slip into saying nonsense—once you start pandering to the media or funders. Gee, Bill, why don’t you copy Senator Dillard and tell the Illinois Education Association whatever it wants to hear—and maybe they will give you $250,000, too. Sheesh.

In economics, the saying is bad money drives out good. In Illinois Republican politics, bad pols and bad, biased, newsmen drive out good pols. Can the Illinois Republican Party and free market economics survive the likes of Paul Lisnek? Don’t bet on it.                                     


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    Mr. Berkowitz: first, my thanks for watching my show. I appreciate the wide variety of my audience's viewpoints. If you are a regular viewer, you likely know that I do not take a political position on air. I challenge liberal guests with conservative questions and conservative guests with liberal viewpoints. You picked up on an interesting exchange in that I thought it would indeed be interesting to get Sen Brady's position on a fellow conservative's suggestion regarding minimum wage.If you happen to follow politics, you know that Sen Brady can't be "sucked in" to anything. He's a seasoned politician with strong beliefs. It appears his answer surprised you but I think that's more about what you might expect Senator Brady to have said and not because of any bait or trap on my part...that's not my style. My approach is to be fair to all guests and give them a chance to say whatever their position is. It's their record to make, not mine. That said, I hope you will continue to watch Politics Tonight and good luck with your blog.

  • The real problems with Brady is that he can't get women's votes in DuPage County, yet runs on a platform that he almost beat a governor who otherwise was dead meat.

    Two of the other Republicans have no principles and think that the way to get the state out of its mess is to try to work with Madigan and Cullerton.

    Finally, as I understand it, other than those Republicans who don't believe in the minimum wage at all, a lower minimum wage for teens, or a higher minimum wage for those over a certain age is standard Republican philosophy. Don't forget that Milton Friedman thought up the "negative income tax," which became the earned income credit. Lisnek is correct, he didn't trick Brady.

    I'm going to early vote Monday or Tuesday and have this accursed primary behind me.

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