State Rep. Morrison leads into Fox News Sunday this morning in Chicago and around the State: Watch State employee pension reform debated on Cable and the Web

The episode of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz featuring State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has been airing this week and will continue to air through this Monday around the State of Illinois on the IllinoisChannel.

You can also watch the show featuring Rep. Morrison 24/7 at the Public Affairs youtube page or at the Illinois Channel web site

The show is a good set up for this week’s veto session possible consideration  of state employee pension reform.  Rep. Morrison discusses and debates with show host Jeff Berkowitz the lunacy of the current state employee pensions and possible reforms, some of which might actually be legislated this week.

For example, state employees receive, under current law, automatic 3% annual increases in employee pensions even when there is no change in the cost of living, and that 3% increase is labeled a cost of living adjustment (“COLA”).  Makes sense, huh? The state legislature might reform this week, but not remove completely, that lunacy.  

State Rep. Morrison also discusses and debates with show host Berkowitz Rep,  Morrison’s, other Republicans’ and the Illinois Policy Institute’s proposal to move to a defined contribution system, which would lower pension costs and make them much more predictable and make the pensions, themselves, more reliable for state employees. Of course, this is a bill that the Democratic Party legislative leaders (Madigan and Cullerton) have made sure would not be considered for reform by the  state legislature. Makes sense, huh?

Also discussed and assessed on the show is the general timidness of the Republican Party candidates for Governor in the Illinois Primary. They all seem to be running not to lose, as opposed to running to win. So far, no Profiles in Courage there.       

You can find when and where the two hour Illinois Channel programming block will air in your neck of the woods by clicking on Distribution at The Morrison show starts fifteen minutes into the Illinois Channel two hour block of programming.

Thus, for example, the two hour Illinois Channel block of programming starts airing in Chicago today at 8:30 am on Cable Ch. 19—so the Morrison show starts airing in Chicago today at 8:45 am on Cable Ch. 19 and goes through 9:15 am, just in time to switch to Fox News Sunday or Meet the Press in Chicago and catch most of those shows or switch to Face the Nation or This week with George Stephanopoulos and catch all of those shows. Some other scheduled airings of the show with third year State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) in municipalities around the State are also listed, below:

Chicago, Sunday, 8:45 am, Cable Ch. 19

Springfield, Sunday, 10:15 am, Municipal Ch. 18

Springfield, Sunday, 8:15 am, Insight Cable Ch. 22

Bloomington, Sunday, 7:15 pm, Insight Cable Ch. 20

Bolingbrook, Monday, 6:15 am, Cable Ch. 6

Champaign, Sunday and Monday, 10:15 am, Cable Ch. 5

Buffalo Grove, Sunday, 3:15 pm and Monday, 4:15 pm and 11:15 pm, Cable Ch. 6

Des Plaines, Sunday, 9:15 am, Cable Ch. 17

Galesburg, Sunday, 9:15 am, 2:15 pm, 8:45 pm, Cable Ch. 22

Glenview, Sunday, 6:15 pm, Cable Ch. 17

Glencoe, Monday, 7:15 am and 7:15 pm, Cable Ch. 18

Kenilworth, Monday, 7:15 pm, Cable Ch. 18

Lake Bluff and Lake Forest, 7:15 pm, Cable Ch. 17

Naperville, Monday, 11:15 am, Wide Open West Cable Ch. 6, Comcast Cable ch. 10,

Palatine, Sunday, 6:15 pm, Comcast Cable Ch. 6

Plainfield, Sunday, 8:15 pm and Monday, 1:15 pm, Cable Ch. 6

Westmont, Monday, 9:15 am, 12:15  pm, 3:15 pm, 6:15 pm ad 10:15 pm, Comcast Cable Ch. 16

Winnetka, Monday, 7:15 am and 7:15 pm, Cable Ch. 18



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