19 shot in Chicago while Mayor Emanuel fiddles on DC roof? or in the White House?

While 19 people were shot (one fatally, and one a three year old boy) in his City last night, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in transit to the nation’s capitol, and Emanuel had planned to go on from DC to Jersey City, New Jersey this afternoon to raise money for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is running, as a Democrat, for a New Jersey U. S. Senate Seat.  Emanuel was to be the main attraction at the funder, because the New Jersey U. S. Senate candidate, Mayor Booker, was scheduled to raise money for himself out in liberal land-- San Francisco, California (remember the old phrase-- San Francisco Democrats, aka the hard left).

Rahm Emanuel works for “Rent a Mayor,” and Newark Mayor Cory Booker

It is as if Mayor Booker had contacted Rent a Mayor—and Mayor Emanuel is what the rental agency produced.  After all, Rahm doesn’t have a lot to do on a casual Friday. Is this a great City, or what?  _ _ _ _, man, 19 shootings in one evening in Chicago? That ain’t no big deal.  Just another violent night in the Windy City.  The gangbangers got restless.  A warm night in the City. What's a mayor to do when the temperature rises? Get out of town!

This is what the “best and the brightest,” do these days. They raise money for their own political campaigns and also for each other. They form large media staffs that specialize in not answering questions from the media and in getting out “their boss’ message,” so that one day someone can write a book about a Chicago Mayor and call it simply, “Boss,” or maybe, in Rahm's case, Boss No. 2 (or would that be Boss No. 3, after Richard J. Daley and Richard M. Daley).

The mainstream media (“MSM”) cooperate, in large part, with the pols by playing stenographer and reporting off of the press releases, bread crumbs and table scraps that their friends in both political parties give them as the “inside scoop.”  The MSM seldom ask tough follow-up questions, as that annoys the Hell out of the office-holders and tends to diminish access of that particular media member to that particular office holder—thereby annoying the Hell out of the so-called journalist’s boss. It’s all about access to the pol, even though they often come up with such meaningful statements as that of the late Richard J. Daley, "Let us go on to higher and higher platitudes."

How Rahm got to be Chicago’s Mayor: It’s the political network and the money, stupid!

Mayor Emanuel, by virtue of his position as a Congressman for six years and more importantly, Chief U. S. House Democratic Party recruiter of candidates to beat Republicans-- who turned the U. S. House blue (Democratic) in 2006, and his position as a buddy of or fundraiser for  Presidential senior adviser, media expert and political kingmaker David Axelrod, Presidents Obama and Clinton, Mayor Richard M. Daley, numerous establishment corporate titans, and of his position as former White House Chief of Staff to President Obama, was able to raise $12 million in his successful run for Mayor of Chicago in 2011.

The twelve million dollars scared off any significant opposition to Rahm for mayor, with the exception being the locally, politically well-connected Gery Chico. But, Gery was only able to raise $3 million for his run, which meant he couldn’t even force Rahm into a run-off, notwithstanding the six candidate field.

What did Rahm promise in order to become Mayor? Did he deliver?

So, Rahmbo, as Mayor Emanuel was labeled with affection by the MSM, ran on the simple platform of improving Chicago’s public safety, the failing Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) and the city’s finances. After two years, Rahm has failed miserably regarding all three planks: (1) The west and south sides of Chicago are basically playgrounds (and free fire shooting galaries) for gangbangers to shoot at each other, and the innocent often get wounded or killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time; (2) Fewer than one out of every five African-American or Hispanic CPS kids reads at grade level (and African-American and Hispanic kids make up about 85% of the CPS enrollment); and (3) City finances completely suck, with nothing being done about the fiscally unsound, city employee pension funds.  Most importantly, Rahm has no real plan to improve any of this, going forward. When it comes to solving problems, the ex- Sarah Lawrence ballet dancer is clueless.

What was Rahm doing in DC this morning? Does anyone really know?

So, while his city was figuratively burning and literally being shot up, as in the Wild West by the gangbangers, Mayor Emanuel was, according to the “Mayor’s press office,” scheduled to meet in DC with “Two Obama Cabinet officials,” regarding “Chicago based matters.” The Mayor’s press office would only speak with me on a “not for attribution” basis and would not put me in touch with anyone in the Mayor’s office who would speak about those matters- with more specifics.

The Mayor’s press office declined to identify the names of the Obama Cabinet officials with whom the Mayor was scheduled to meet this morning.  Nor would the Mayor’s office disclose the “Chicago based matters,” that the Mayor was scheduled to discuss this morning with the unidentified Obama Cabinet officials.

The Mayor’s office assured this reporter that its tight lipped, non-disclosure policy re the above all made sense because the Mayor’s meeting in DC with the Obama Cabinet officials was on the Mayor’s “personal calendar,” not his “official calendar.” Hmmm, Chicago based matters but on the Mayor’s personal calendar?  Doesn’t make sense  That’s why the Mayor doesn’t like to answer follow up questions and prefers his questions by email.

 MSNBC, a fully owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party? 

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, on his program the “Daily Rundown,” reported early this morning on the 19 shootings in Chicago last night and that Mayor Emanuel was in DC. Later in the morning, MSNBC, a fully owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, reported that Mayor Emanuel was not going to New Jersey to appear at a Corey Booker funder, but was instead returning to Chicago.

Chuck Todd didn’t do any digging here. He didn’t tell us why Mayor Emanuel was in DC, to whom he was speaking or why the Mayor was returning to Chicago (but the implication was that due to the shootings, Mayor Emanuel should haul ass back to Chicago-- so he would look somber and Mayoral for the obligatory church based anti-violence marches which were sure to follow the shootings).

Remember, Todd works for MSNBC, which is owned by the Democratic Party and Rahm is a card carrying Dem (No, that is too kind. Rahm is the Democratic Party, with a capital D).  Chuck Todd is usually mostly fair and balanced (an oddity for the leftist cadre at MSNBC) but he has to keep an eye on his staff when it comes to the Democrats and the holy ones like Emanuel-- and he has to tell them to get the facts, or the MSNBC staff will go soft on the Democrats. That's the culture at MSNBC- soft on the Dems and hard on the Republicans.   

Rahm returns to Chicago, due to “Things and circumstances.”

Oddly, when I spoke with the Mayor’s press office this morning, the spokesman would only say that the Mayor was returning to Chicago due to “things and circumstances.” The spokesman declined to identify what the “things and circumstances,” were. I was told if I had further questions, I could put them in an email and send them to the Mayor’s press office.

The Mayor’s office did put out a press statement this morning, quoting Mayor Emanuel, as saying, “Senseless and brazen acts of violence have no place in Chicago... and the perpetrators of this crime will be brought to justice...” Oh, that will scare off the gangbangers.  The official stats show that Chicago arrests fewer than 20% of the gangbangers who kill, and convicts even fewer. [In large part, Chicago's murders are gangbangers killing other gangbangers]. Gee, that’s about the same success rate for CPS teaching minority kids how to read. Boy, those would be fun statistics to ask Rahm about at a mythical presser or on “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz.”  Watch the most recent episode with ABC-7 political reporter Charles Thomas discussing and debating, among other things, the real reason why Bill Daley quit the Democratic gubernatorial primary, whether a Republican can win the IL Governorship in 2014, whether the Obama Presidency has transcended and is transcending race,  whether Barack Obama could have ever  been Trayvon Martin and whether  there was joy in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s

If this journalist wants to invite the Mayor to appear on his TV show (as Rahmbo had done before he had ascended to the Chicago Mayorship), this journalist  must put that request in an email and send that to the Mayor’s press office. They would like this journalist to articulate the subjects to be covered.  I suppose they would like the questions, too. Or, maybe they would prefer to provide this reporter the questions to ask the Mayor.  Then, they will give the request full consideration.  Yes, I am sure!

19 shot in Chicago and what does New Jersey get?  Not the Rahmster, not this time

So, 19 shot in 4 hours, or so, in Chicago last night and what do we know from Mayor Emanuel?  That he either didn’t proceed with his scheduled meetings with unidentified Obama Cabinet officials in DC about unidentified “Chicago based matters, ” or that he interrupted those sessions to get back to Chicago in a hurry. If the Mayor can't seem to do anything to prevent gun violence  on the south and west sides of Chicago, he can at least be present in his city soon after the violence erupts.  I mean, in liberalism, appearances are everything.  And,  Mayor Emanuel decided not to do a funder for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, while Booker was soaking up the rays in sunny San Francisco. Instead, he hauled ass back to Chicago.

The Mayor’s press office won’t say it but clearly Mayor Emanuel thought it was not good for his image that he was out doing “God knows what,” in DC and raising money as a “rent a Mayor speaker” in New Jersey while gangbangers were shooting up his city. No, that is not an image a guy who might run for President someday wants to project.

And since the Rahmster was the key, featured rent a speaker (of two) at the Booker funder, poor Cory-- U. S. Senate candidate-- had to cancel his funder and maybe run for the Senate with only sixty million dollars, or so, at his back, instead of, say, sixty one million dollars. Poor thing!

 Is the Pope Jewish? 

And, when Mayor Emanuel returns to Chicago this afternoon, will the Mayor call an open press conference to discuss his plans to deal with, say, 19 shootings in four hours?  Will he call on this journalist at the presser? Will Mayor Emanuel come on “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz” to discuss what Rahm has done and will do (1) to stop the death and human destruction that occurs daily on the west and south sides of Chicago, (2) to fix the failing Chicago Public Schools and (3) to fix the horrid city finances? Will he? Is the Pope Jewish?


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  • Lynn Sweet said he was coming back because of the shootings.

    --don't forget that a lot of the fund raising comes via Ari Emanuel.
    --there isn't much point for him to be here. There doesn't seem to be anything Emanuel can do about the gun violence, especially since McCarthy says it is down, even though that sure isn't the perception. Now,if he said there was enough money to put two armed guards on every street corner in Chicago other than the far NW side, that would be different.

  • Well, Rahm has to be in Chicago right after 19 are shot, so he can attend the obligatory church, peace anti-violence marches and prayer vigils. This is what liberals do when it comes to trying to stop violence: march and pray. pray and march. A variant of the "Chicago way."

    Rahm could try to get the Illinois legislature to stiffen the laws for illegal gun use or gun trafficking. But, that would distract from the liberals' emphasis on such social policy goals as making it legal for gays to marry. And, as Rahm constantly reminds us, it is a matter of priorities. When it comes to passing laws to promote same sex marriage, passing laws to make 19 shootings in an evening less likely or campaigning in Jersey City for Senate Candidate Booker, what do you think is the best use of Rahm's time. As I said, it is a matter of priorities. But, you won't be reading about that choice anytime soon in Lynn Sweet's column. How sweet it is :).

  • In reply to Jeff Berkowitz:

    Your first two sentences are correct, which reinforced my point that your crying that he wasn't coming home [even though he later did come home] was meaningless, in that he doesn't have a solution, such as more police.

    I also thought that the complaint against liberals was that they wanted too much gun control. This time the Illinois legislature acted because otherwise the Seventh Circuit held that there would be no law, but somehow the city delegation didn't get what it wanted. Since home rule got preempted in that bill, the city council is now trying (what I believe is an unconstitutional) end run by saying they will yank liquor licenses of establishments with less than half of their sales being liquor if they don't ban concealed carry on their premises.

    And if you think that Emanuel's cause is gay marriage, neither he nor Deb Mell could get that through the house, so it seems like on both accounts, they have been unsuccessful.

    It sounds like you became very confused earlier this morning.

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