Better than Eric Zorn w/Marco Rubio: Berkowitz w/Sen. and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kirk Dillard, Cable and soon on web

Jeff Berkowitz: ... Eric Zorn says that ... once you Republicans get power in various parts of the country, you forget the economic issues you run on, and in his words, “You go on an anti-abortion Jihad,” what do you say to Zorn?

Tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features State Senator and 2014 Republican Primary candidate for Governor Kirk Dillard (Hinsdale) . The show airs throughout the City tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].

Not to worry if you miss the Cablecast, the show will be placed on the Public Affairs youtube page by around 10:00 pm this evening and you can, after that, watch the show with Dillard 24/7 here.


Jeff Berkowitz: Now if the Republicans come back to power, if you win the Governorship…I don’t know if you can get a majority in the State House and State Senate—

Sen. Kirk Dillard(R-Hinsdale): It’s going to be hard

Jeff Berkowitz: But, if you start gaining on that—and that might happen because the State is in kind of a mess—I think people would say that, objectively, on the economic side.  [To do that], it’s going to take independents voting for you, Democrats voting for you- or whoever the Republican nominee for Governor is—and Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune columnist and blogger…wonders if moderate Democrats and independents can  trust you folks not to have, as he puts it, an “Anti-abortion Jihad, once you get power.” [Zorn says] that happens, once you Republicans get power in various parts of the country, you forget the economic issues you run on, and in his words, Zorn says, :”you go on an anti-abortion Jihad,” what do you say to Zorn?

Sen. Dillard: Well, I am going to be focused almost entirely on getting our state’s solvency back, as a state government—giving us integrity and decency, and ending this cadence of public corruption that Illinois has had. And, then-- making us a destination economy for job creation. Most of those social issues are driven by the United States Supreme Court… I am laser-focused on the economy and making Illinois financially work again. So, Eric [Zorn] ought to relax.


Jeff Berkowitz: …And if you win the Republican Primary, it’s going to be you going against Gov. Quinn…[businessman] Bill Daley or [State Senator] Kwame Raoul or somebody else.

Sen. Dillard: I take on one election cycle at a time, Jeff and my message is going to be: unique skills proven and tested.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, you are focusing on the economy…jobs and …economic growth?

Sen. Dillard: Correct. With a track record that proves I know a little bit about that. I was the sponsor of the bill that lured the Boeing Corporation as well as Navistar’s headquarters to Illinois


Sen. Dillard: I do believe in Professor Lott, another [former] University of Chicago Professor, you know has had and done studies that show that concealed carry reduces crime, but the bottom line, Jeff, is it’s your constitutional right and the 7th Circuit, a very fine [federal] appellate court…one of the best, most learned, said, “[concealed carry] is your right,” and they ordered us to do it in the General Assembly.

Jeff Berkowitz: Same sex marriage, you’re opposed?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: Yes

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re opposed to civil unions?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: Civil unions. It depends on how it would be drafted. I’m for equality.

Jeff Berkowitz: We now have civil unions in the State of Illiois.

Sen. Kirk Dillard: That’s one of the reasons, there are many, that I voted against gay marriage. But,we have civil unions and…I oppose gay marriage.

Jeff Berkowitz: Will this election be about the social issues or the economic issues?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: It better be about the economics issues. I mean I am laser focused on the economy and again, I am the one person that has a proven track record of putting this state financially back on track and they are intertwined, Jeff. We have an unemployment rate where one in ten people is unemployed.  You know, Iowa’s unemployment rate is less than half of ours. And, until we fix our broken financial situation in Springfield, get us bsack on sound footing-like when I ran the Edgar Administration [as Jim Edgar’s Chief of Staff], we’re never going to have the job growth that a state that is the Capitol of the Midwest ought to have.


Jeff Berkowitz: Kirk, we ran out of show time before I got to school vouchers-school choice

Sen. Dillard: Well, Jeff, I’ve become, over the years, an increasingly strong supporter of school choice. Because I think tax credits present less of a constitutional issue than school vouchers, I prefer tax credits, but I am a supporter of tremendously large tax credits to promote school choice. And, I was a big supporter of  [former state Senator] Rev. .Meeks’ bill [that passed the State Senate] for school vouchers-school choice for those kids who are in the lowest decile of performing schools in the Chicago Public School system..


Program recorded on August 3, 2013


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  • Letting Eric Zorn cast the Republican candidate makes about as much sense as letting Dennis Byrne categorize Obamacare, i.e. none.

    The only relevant question is whether Dillard or any other Republican can convince the voters that Blago and Quinn did send, and another Daley will, continue sending the state down the wrong economic path. If you want to look at it realistically, Daley is the nepotism machine's Republican, if you believe what he says.

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