Better than Chicago Tonight's panel of CPS Board Member Zopp, et al: Berkowitz w/Bishop Davis on Gay Marriage and real School Choice, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features Bishop Lance Davis of the Zion Covenant Church in south suburban Dalton (Zion Covenant is also in Chatham, Harvey and has a feeding ministry  in West Africa). Bishop Davis is also a leader in the African-American Clergy Coalition (composed of about 45 African-American pastors), whose focus currently includes opposing same sex marriage in the State of Illinois, supporting school choice-school vouchers in Chicago and other low income minority areas, as well as supporting programs to promote health, employment, responsible gun control and education among minorities.

This episode of Public Affairs, featuring Bishop Davis, airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV).

The show with Bishop Davis also can be watched 24/7 on your computer.

The African-American Clergy Coalition was quite influential in its work with other socially conservative groups to block passage of same sex marriage in the Illinois Legislature during the spring session earlier this year.

Bishop Davis argues a focus on promoting the effective teaching of reading, writing, science and math, especially among low income, minority kids in CPS, is much more important than a focus on teaching sexuality or having the clergy focus on promoting same sex marriage as opposed to focusing on promoting school vouchers-school choice in CPS, where approximately only one out of five black kids reads at grade level in the 4th grade (or stated another way: the CPS is failing 4 out of every 5 kids in the CPS).

Bishop Davis also argues that school vouchers do more to empower black parents in Chicago and other low income areas than do charter schools.

Bishop Davis further argues that Senate President Cullerton (D-Chicago) and Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) are out of sync with the great majority of black Democratic voters in Chicago, who unlike Cullerton and Madigan, are not pro-choice on abortion, are not for traditional gun control and are not for same sex marriage. Similarly, Cullerton and Madigan are not for school vouchers-school choice, but Bishop Davis argues the great majority of black Democrats in Chicago want school vouchers-school choice.

Moreover, Bishop Davis stated that most if not all of the black caucus in the State House speaks as if they favor the Madigan view on the above referenced issues, not the view favored by the great majority of their constituents. Nevertheless, by getting Rev. (and former State Senator) James Meeks to make tens of thousands of robocalls, the African-American clergy coalition, working with other socially conservative groups, like Family-Pac were able to persuade twelve of the twenty members of the Black State House caucus to tell same sex marriage supporters that they would vote against the IL same sex marriage bill that passed the Senate.

That opposition by the Black State House Caucus helped persuade supporters of same sex marriage not to call the same sex marriage bill for a vote in the State House this spring, essentially blocking the passage of the same sex marriage bill for the time being, but Bishop Davis expects that the same sex marriage supporters will try to pass their bill again in the veto session this fall.

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