Better than Breaking Bad: Watch Berkowitz w/the woman sure to be the first female IL Governor- State Rep. Jeanne Ives. Web and on Cable in Chicago tonight

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), who is the odds on favorite to be the first female governor of the State of Illinois.  The shows airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV). 

You can also watch the show 24/7 with Rep. Ives here.

The Republican Party Guv run in Illinois

The IL Republicans had a good run in the Governor’s mansion from 1976 to 2002, with moderate Chicagoan and former U. S. Attorney,  Big Jim Thompson holding down the fort from 1976 to 1990-- and social moderate and fiscal conservative, downstater Jim Edgar taking the baton hand-off from Thompson and then leaving office in 1998 as one of the most popular Republicans ever to hold office in Illinois, only to have one termer George Ryan _ _ _ _ it all away for the Republican Party in Illinois.

The George Ryan mess 

So called Republican-- Gov. George Ryan-- demonstrated what happens when a person with no philosophical or moral convictions rises to the top of his party—Ryan was indicted one year after he left office by the U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois (Patrick Fitzgerald, appointed by President George Bush in 2001, and then kept in that position by President Obama in 2008, with Fitzgerald staying in the U. S. Attorney position an unprecedented 11 years, until he retired, voluntarily, last year).

Former Governor George Ryan was convicted of pervasive public corruption, which characterized Ryan's disgraceful performance as Governor-- and prior to that as a very, very corrupt, Secretary of State. Ryan was not really a conservative or a liberal. He ran for Governor as Pro-life, but moved toward pro Choice. He ran as a supporter of capital punishment, but became an ardent foe. Ryan said he was against raising taxes, but then did so-- becoming an ardent big spender,  as well. Ryan ran on the platform of being anti- casino expansion, but then favored that expansion as Governor.  Ryan's only conviction  was to try to protect himself from getting caught for the corruption that had characterized his virtual entire political career.  In the end, he failed in that goal, as well.

The George Ryan-Rod Blagojevich bond

Allegations of Ryan's history of corruption (first public allegations and then proven in court)  set the scene for Democrat Rod Blagojevich to be elected Governor in 2002 and then Rod followed Ryan to prison-- although Rod topped Ryan by being impeached by an almost unanimous vote of the State Senate in 2008-- with the only no vote on impeachment being cast by Rod's sister-in-law, gay rights activist, State Senator Deborah Mell-- who was rewarded for such insanity recently by Mayor Emanuel's promotion of Ms. Mell to be Chicago's new  33rd Ward Alderman-- where Mell replaced her father in yet another "all in the family move," such as Daley to Daley, Madigan to Madigan, Lipinski to Lipinski, Hynes to Hynes and Jackson to Jackson (All of such passing on of high office and high public positions are  referred to bitterly and off the record by many Democratic Party pols as "the IL Royal Democratic families." )

Quinn, Daley or Raoul as keepers of the throne  

There is a good chance that Democrat Quinn, Bill Daley or Senator Kwame Raoul could win the Governor's race in 2014.   For Quinn, it would of course mean winning re-election.  And Quinn has done that once before-- in 2010, notwithstanding what most would call an extremely rocky record to run on-- so Quinn could do that again in 2014.  Or, former U. S. Commerce Secretary and brother of Mayor Richard Daley, Bill Daley, could win the nomination and then the election in 2014.  Or, an upstart like Democratic State Sen. and labor favorite Kwame Raoul could enter the Democratic Primary and upstage both Quinn and Daley  in the Primary and then beat the Republican nominee in the General.

The likely, failed primary campaign strategies of Rauner and Rutherford: Say virtually nothing, believe in less.  

In short, the State GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity and why should 2014 be any different for the Republican gubernatorial candidates? So far, Republican candidates businessman Rauner and State Treasurer Rutherford are doing their best  to appear to be lifeless, non-entities with campaigns that are completely without substance.

Rauner's campaign is notable for its attempt to run a campaign completely on paid media, with the candidate resembling a reclusive, Howard Hughes-- as Rauner runs out of press conferences just before he runs out of answers.

Rutherford has raised dodging questions by giving  incomplete, ambiguous answers to an art form. Dan resembles a frat boy trying to smile his way through a campaign for student body president more than a serious, candidate for Governor.  State Treaurer Rutherford says  he must maintain his "flexibility" as Governor by not telling the public the specifics of his public policy solutions. Shades of Richard Nixon's secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

The troubled, general election campaigns of Dillard and Brady 

Republican State Senator Kirk Dillard (Hinsdale) has some clear campaign themes and seems ready to state his positions and differentiate himself from both his Republican and Democratic competitors.  State Senator Bill Brady is matching Dillard-- as Brady is  also making his campaign substantive and he is willing to take public policy positions. But both Dillard and Brady appear to have trouble raising money and if those problems persist, either will have trouble winning the general after he gets the nomination. Shades of 2010.  A repeat of 2010 and loss by Republicans of the 2014 Governor's race is very possible, notwithstanding the failures of the Democratic Party in running the state for the last eleven years.

2018 Gov race is ripe for a Republican fresh face

In any case, if there is a Democratic incumbent running for Governor in 2018, the stage would be perfect for a very fresh face-- like that of State Rep. Jeanne Ives--to win the Republican Party nomination for Governor.  It is doubtful the failed leadership of current Republican House Leader Tom Cross or current Republican Senate Leader Chris Radogno would be attractive to Republican guv primary voters.

Further, based on prior performance, it  could be argued that none of of the Democrats, whoever wins in 2014, is capable of curing over the next four years what ails the IL economy

The Rep. Jeanne Ives  and AG Lisa Madigan 2018 Gubernatorial race match up

Rep. Jeanne Ives, on the other hand, by then, will have had six years of probably positive, productive experience in the State House. She is already sponsoring truly progressive, aka  conservative, free market oriented state employee pension reform legislation that will cure the State's 100 billion dollar unfunded pension liability problem, if adopted. Rep. Ives has already gotten Illinois House Speaker Madigan to concede that his bill, unlike the Ives-Tom Morrison bill, is an at best temporary solution  to the state employee pension problem.

Ives lays out her approach to state employee pension reform in tonight's episode of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz. She is relaxed and comfortable when communicating her public policy positions. Has AG Lisa Madigan, the Democrats’ favorite to be  the first female IL Governor, demonstrated her ability to do that? Not really.

The Lisa Madigan ethical problems

State Rep. Ives is apparently clean as a “Hound’s tooth,” on ethics.  AG Lisa Madigan clean as a “Hound’s tooth,” on ethics issues? Unfortunately for Lisa, the ethical sins of her father, Speaker Madigan, may be visited on Lisa. After all, as AG, doesn't she have some responsibility to see that her office investigates what her father did at Metra. Did he try to use his state power  to get a raise, a job for someone at Metra.  Was the Speaker threatening loss of appropriations for Metra if Metra didn't give the Speaker what he wanted? Has the Speaker used his State power to muscle jobs for friends of his in the AG's office. The AG won't answer that question.  Was the Speaker using State power for personal gain? Has AG Madigan's office, even now, lifted one finger to look at that issue? If not, is AG Madigan clean as a "Hound's tooth." Not really. Advantage Rep. Ives.

Background of Ives:  Wheaton City Council, wife and mother of five, knows economics like the back of her hand and West Point Grad.

Background of Lisa Madigan: Nothing done on Public Corruption after 11 years as AG in IL; no distinctive legislation sponsored; no demonstration that she has any idea how to deal with the State's economy.  AG Madigan's  time for Governor may have come and gone.

Ives becomes first female IL Governor in 2018?  

You see what I mean.  State Rep. Ives- the first female Governor of the State of Illinois. You heard it first on Public Affairs. You won’t want to miss tonight’s show on cable ch. 21 in Chicago at 8:30 pm. And, if you do, not to worry, watch Ives here.  




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  • If Ives wants to prove something, she should take on Lisa as AG in 2014. IIRC, the reason Lisa is such a high vote getter is that she ran unopposed (definitely the last time, and there wasn't even a write-in box on the touch screen machine.)

    Since Ives is assuming the status quo for 2014, her only chance is if things really go into the toilet by 2018. I still say that Judy Barr Topinka had a better chance of being Illinois's first female governor, even in the face of the "what's she thinking" ads.

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