Better than Cubs baseball: Berkowitz w/the Policy Institute's Ted Dabrowski on fixing Illinois' pension mess, Cable and Web

Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, Illinois Policy Institute: "If you look at every single problem Illinois has, Illinois public sector unions are at the forefront of [causing] the problem."

The City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features, tonight, Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, the Illinois Policy Institute.  Dabrowski debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz how to cure the Illinois state employee pension mess (with a particular focus on moving toward a defined contribution system, as in State Rep. Morrison’s proposed legislation and on freezing COLAs) and how to bring choice to parents in the Chicago Public School system. The show airs at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 tonight throughout the City.

Dabrowski outlines the steps the state legislature should take to fix the pension mess and assesses how close current proposed legislation comes to dealing with the problem.  Dabrowski and Berkowitz discuss the political difficulties in reaching a solution, including the enormous political power wielded in Illinois by public sector unions.

The discussion by Berkowitz and Dabrowski also highlights the lack of political leadership coming from a number of the Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidates and the absence of substantive proposals to fix the Illinois state employee pension mess by Republican State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who apparently wants to be the next Governor of the State of  Illinois.

You can also watch the show with the Illinois Policy Institute’s Ted Dabrowski on your computer 24/7.   

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