Beavers trial could go to jury this afternoon

The defense in the Comm. Beavers' trial is trying to put on it's first and perhaps only witness, tax expert Barry Gerschinzon.  Judge Zagel is trying to decide if the expert is competent to testify about anything of relevance.  The case is recessed for lunch at the moment.  After lunch, about 2 minutes from now,  if the Judge rules that the defense cannot proceed with Gerschinzon, the defense will have to decide if it wants to put Comm. Beavers on the stand. If the defense decides not to go with Beavers, we will probably be ready to go with closing arguments, after perhaps some additional wrangling about jury instructions.

The case very well could go to the jury this afternoon.  The primary question for the Jury to decide: is the about quarter of a million dollars that Beavers took from his campaign fund, received as an expense stipend from the County and received from his pension fund a loan and therefore not taxable and reportable as income or was it received as income and therefore taxable and reportable. What's the difference?  Four years, or so, in prison, for William Beavers, who has been a Chicago Alderman and Cook County Commissioner for the last three decades. Yesterday, I asked Comm. Beavers if he would testify. He responded: "We'll see." He got that right.


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  • Not only did the case go to the jury this afternoon (one day after your post), but it came back in about 90 minutes.

    At about 2:15 Roe and Roeper said "how long will it take them to find him guilty? Do the jurors want to stay long enough for the feds to buy them dinner? Do they want to come back tomorrow? It would be nice if the verdict came in at 2:15 tomorrow." But in fact, it came in by 3:30 this afternoon.

    So, in retrospect, there wasn't much suspense here. I didn't think so beforehand, and neither did Roe.

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