Watch Proft and Berkowitz on "What women really want and will Proft run for Governor again," cable and the web

To get answers to the vital questions of the day, below, please go here to watch radio personality and 2010 Republican Primary candidate for Governor Dan Proft interviewed on Public Affairs by show host Jeff Berkowitz on Feb. 23, 2013.
What do women really want?
What do men really want?  
Will the Beatles ever get back together again?
Will Dan Proft run for Governor again in 2014? 
Do increases in the minimum wage cause increases in unemployment?
Do Gov. Quinn and President Obama favor increases in the minimum wage because they think that (1) would be "fair," (2) helpful to working people,  (3) the Bible requires that, (4) 1,2 and 3, above or (5) that would help unions,.union members and other Quinn/Obama contributors and donors at the expense of non-unionized, low income and less skilled individuals?
Do Proft, Brady, Dillard, Rutherford, Schock and Rauner all have testicular verility and je ne sais quoi and are those the requisite traits to become Governor of the State of Illinois?
Is the decision of whether to speak out loudly for School Choice-School vouchers, true state employee pension reform and reading books like the Runaway Bunny to kids during the first five years of their life the most important decision to be made by any candidate for Governor in the 2014 Republican Primary?   
The show featuring WLS 890 AM radio personality Dan Proft (Bruce and Dan, M-F, 5 to 9 am, 890 AM radio) will also air in 34 North and Northwest Chicago Metro Suburbs next week and throughout the City of Chicago the week after (Monday, March 11, at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV])


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  • Proft isn't going to run again, because he would have to give up his gig as a "WLS 890 AM radio personality." Plus, he would be tarred with his Cicero past.

    "Do .... all have the testicular virility?" Do all have the sense not to cannibalize the Republican field like the Republicans did in 2012?

    As far as the minimum wage, I'm sure the union. supporters make much more than that. The only question would be if they perceive that raising the minimum wage would shut out competition from the lower wage workers. However, I'm sure they believe that any inner city person could get a job at the new minimum wage.

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