Better than tonight’s State of the Union Speech by Pres. Obama: Berkowitz w/2nd CD Democratic candidate Robin Kelly, Cable and Web

Tonight’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Robin Kelly, one of 16 Democratic Primary candidates running to replace former Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the 2nd Cong. District. The winner of the February 26, 2013 Democratic Primary will face the winner of the four-candidate Republican Primary in the special IL 2nd  Cong. District general election to be held on April 9, 2013.

 The 2nd CD  includes a portion of the south side of Chicago, stretches through various far south side suburbs, e.g., Flossmoor and Crete and out to Steger and other portions of Will County and Kankakee County.

You can watch 2nd Cong. District Democratic Primary Candidate Robin Kelly   debate and discuss the issues with “Public Affairs,” show host Jeff Berkowitz here.

 Kelly, African-American and a former State Rep. representing 100,000 or so of the 2nd CD residents, was also Chief of Staff in the State Treasurer’s office and Chief Adminstrative Officer in the office of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.  She is one of the four leading candidates in the 2nd CD race.  

Candidate Kelly has a strong organization, is fairly well financed and has good name recognition in the District.  Robin Kelly is an attractive, smart, warm, hard working, well- educated, well-informed and intelligent candidate who speaks about and debates the issues well with a focused, campaign message.

Unlike the three other frontline candidates: former Cong. Halvorson, State. Sen. Hutchinson and Chicago Ald. Beale, Robin Kelly was not afraid to appear on a one half-hour, issue oriented TV show- where she was interviewed,  challenged and  had to handle follow-up  questions on some of the key issues in the race, including gun control, public safety, education reform for failing public schools, economic development in the 2nd Cong. District, job development in the 2nd Cong. District, development of a third airport in or near the 2nd Cong. District and much more.

Kelly said it was important to communicate with as many of the 2nd CD voters as possible and she welcomed the opportunity to debate the issues and to handle tough, follow-up questions.  Kelly understands that if you go to Congress, you have to debate the issues, you can't just read from a script that your campaign manager hands you. Somebody might want to break that news to Halvorson, Hutchinson and Beale.

Kelly is featured tonight on Cable TV in the Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs at 8:30 pm:

 on Ch. 19 in the donor rich areas of Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, parts of Inverness, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Palatine, Rolling Meadows and Wilmette and

 on Ch. 35 in the donor rich areas of Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Glenview, Golf, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Mt. Prospect, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Schaumburg, Skokie, Streamwood and Wheeling.


Next Monday night's  City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Robin Kelly, airing at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch.  21 [CANTV], throughout the City of Chicago.

This Thursday night's Rockford edition of Public Affairs features Robin Kelly, airing at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 17 throughout Rockford and in many surrounding Rockford suburbs.


Robin Kelly [2nd Cong. District Dem. Primary Candidate to replace Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr.] : …I am not opposed to guns… I just feel that enough is enough is enough and I’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of the parents who have lost their children [to gun violence] and they are tired of the excuses—

Jeff Berkowitz: You are saying they would like to see fewer guns rather than more guns, good guys or bad guys

Robin Kelly: They want to see a lot of things: they want to see guns registered, they want to see background checks, they want to see bans on assault weapons.  I mean if you were speaking to one of them and you could feel their pain or …if it was one of your relatives who lost their lives senselessly and it is not always gangs—

Jeff Berkowitz: …[S]o if I am a parent of one of the kids in the Connecticut school where the first grade mass shooting occurred and I heard that some of the teachers tried to stop [the shooter] and you know what—they held up their hands because it was a gun free zone, so they couldn’t possess a gun in the school legally- and if somebody saw the shooter and said, in a good communication system to others in the school, “There’s a guy who just broke into the school and we need somebody with a gun to stop him,” and there was somebody in that school who had a gun, legally, and she or he knew how to use it, she might have been able to do more than hold up her hands, she could have taken that gun and bam, bam, [the shooter is dead]. And, I’ll tell you if I were a parent in that school, I would want to know why there wasn’t somebody like that who could have stopped the [mass killing of  first graders], because I wouldn’t  be happy to hear  the best the school could do was to have [teachers] hold up their hands to stop bullets.

Robin Kelly: But, that’s not what the parents are saying, though.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, I don’t know. I haven’t talked to all of the parents. Have you? I know what the media are saying.  .

Robin Kelly: Well, I have heard press conferences and that’s not what the parents are saying.


Robin Kelly, 2nd CD Dem. Primary Candidate:   [Halvorson and Hutchinson] are very similar in their gun beliefs…

Jeff Berkowitz: [Halvorson and Hutchinson] are A rated by the National Rifle Association, You are F rated by the NRA?

Robin Kelly: Right.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, you’re proud of that.

Robin Kelly: Very Proud.

Jeff Berkowitz: Because in your view, that NRA rating means you are stronger on gun control than [Halvorson and Hutchinson] are.

Robin Kelly: Right, I support gun safety.


Jeff Berkowitz: So, that’s one difference [Gun Control] that you would highlight between you and Halvorson and Hutchinson?

Robin Kelly: Oh, definitely

Jeff Berkowitz: And, Ald Beale, we don’t really know because he has a publicity person at “The Publicity Works,” [Delmarie Cobb] who basically, she’s talking for [Beale], right?


Jeff Berkowitz: ...What would you say as a Congresswoman that you would do to make things a little safer [for the people in the 2nd Cong. District]?

Robin Kelly: …I agree with what the President wants to do: banning assault weapons, universal background checks,

Jeff Berkowitz: So you would vote to pass the President’s [gun control] package?

Robin Kelly: But, also, I think it does really take a village—we need more jobs, we need after school activities for our young people—our young people want jobs and we need access to mental health and better reporting system if people are aware that someone might be a danger to himself or someone else

Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, recorded on Feb.3, 2013

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