Can the IL 2nd Cong. District front-runner Democratic Party Primary Candidates run but not hide?

We are gearing up now for coverage of the February 26, 2013 Special Election Democratic and Republican Party primaries to replace Junior in the IL 2nd Cong. District.  Isn't it about time the 2nd CD had a real U. S. Representative-- I mean really, Gus Savage, Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson, Jr.? What were the voters thinking?

When these former congressmen  should have been doing something about the tremendously high levels of unemployment in their district, the failed public schools in their district and the lack of upward socio-economic mobility in their district, one spent his time promoting anti-Semitism, another had sex with an underage girl and another wasted  time he could have devoted to advancing the interests of his district by chasing a cocktail waitress and now stands accused by the U. S. Attorney's office of improperly converting campaign funds to personal use.

As a group, those three representatives disgraced themselves, squandered their credibility and lost a tremendous opportunity to help the voters who elected them. A gigantic, galactic, colossal waste of time, energy and resources during the last two decades in the IL 2nd CD.

So, enough is enough. I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Isn't it about time that the 2nd CD got to know their candidates before one was elected. Shouldn't the candidates be tested on the public policy issues of the day? Are they really going to do something about the amazingly high unemployment rates in the District? About the failed public schools in the District? Shouldn't the voters get to  see a "real interview" of the 2nd CD candidates on the important domestic, foreign policy and cultural issues of the day? Not the softball, fluff crap that has been appearing in the mainstream media-- improperly labeled "interviews of the candidates."

Of course, most of the so called "Democratic Party Primary front runners," are afraid to do real interviews- which will test their knowledge and ability to discuss and debate intelligently their positions on the issues.  We're about to expose who these folks are. They can "run" but they can't hide. Or, can they?

Okay, Democratic 2nd CD candidates Debbie Halvorson, Ald. Beale, Sen. Toi Hutchinson, Sen. Napoleon Harris and Robin Kelly, are you ready to answer tough questions on the public policy issues of the day? Or, are you going to continue to duck and dodge "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz."  Do you really think the voters will let you “Buy the election,” by collecting money from special interests, use that money to run 30 second  TV ads and then do what the special interests tell you to do. You might get away it and then again, you might not.

Debbie Halvorson, et al, while you think it over, we'll refer the voters to our you tube page, where they can watch, among others, a Democratic candidate in the IL 2nd CD, Rev. Larry Pickens (D-Calumet Heights, 2nd CD), who was not afraid to discuss key public policy issues on "Public Affairs."  And, the voters will soon be able to see some of the Republicans in the IL 2nd CD, e.g., Lenny McAllister, who are happy to discuss public policy issues with host Jeff Berkowitz on Public Affairs.

As the "Frontrunner Democratic Primary candidates in the 2nd CD," ponder what to do, they should be mindful of the fact that Barack Obama did six one half hour shows on Public Affairs from 2000 to 2004 and he went on to become President of the United States. Think about it.  There might be a correlation.

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