Better than Alabama killing Notre Dame (14-0, first quarter): Berkowitz w/General and State Rep. David Harris on the irrelevant State GOP, Cable and web

This week's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features State Rep. and Two Star General (Ret.) David Harris (R-Arlington Heights). The show airs tonight  at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch.  21 throughout the City of Chicago.


You can also watch the show with State Rep. and two star General (Ret.) David Harris (R-Arlington Heights)  here.


The State GOP has pretty much lost any relevance in the Illinois legislature, with the Democrats holding a 71-47 voting  margin in the State House and a 40-19 voting margin in the State Senate.   State Rep. Harris blames the lame showing of Republicans in state legislative elections in large part on the gerrymandering of the districts by the Democrats.  He does think the Republicans can win the Governor's mansion in 2014 but he is reluctant to tell the host what the message of the Republican gubernatorial candidates should or will be, other than life in Illinois will be better with the Republicans at the helm. How and why that is, as they used to say in college math texts,  "Left to the student to prove."  The show host, Jeff Berkowitz, argues this is the problem with the State GOP, its reluctance to say loud, clear and often what exactly is the brand of the Republican Party.

John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, essentially made the same point as Berkowitz on radio (Beyond the Beltway) and TV (Fox Chicago Sunday)  two weeks ago.  Dan Proft, WLS radio personality and 2010 Republican Primary Gov candidate has been making the Berkowitz-Tillman argument for the last decade.  Everyone, except for most of the the Top GOP Gov candidates and leaders,  wonders when the State GOP will arise from its deadly slumber and develop a GOP brand with a bold articulation of a public policy vision that leads Illinois out of its nuclear winter.  Yes, inquiring minds want to know.  Tune in and see what the always interesting and thoughtful General David Harris (Ret.) has to say about this topic.

Policy Institute CEO Tillman did note recently on Fox Chicago Sunday (about 5 to 7 minutes into this clip from that show)  that of the GOP potential Gov candidates only Bruce Rauner and Dan Proft are articulating bold public policies to deal with the State's issues.  Tillman gave a big thumbs down to State Treasurer Rutherford and State Senator Dillard for their timid public policy statements.  Now, those statements of John Tillman are  we might call "Breaking news."  We wonder if Rutherford and Dillard were watching and listening. We bet many voters and potential donors were.



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