It's over: Obama wins re-election, the Dems keep the Senate and the Republicans keep the House

With Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania called for Obama, it's over.  Florida is tight and Romney could  win it, but Obama is  more likely to win, based on an analysis of the 20% or so yet to come in.   Further, Romney must win both Florida and Ohio to win the Presidency.  Nobody of note, other than Ryan Romney, thought, going into today, that Romney could win Ohio.   And, so far, nothing has been reported to indicate otherwise.  With Indiana, Mass and  Wisconsin Senate races going Democratic, this just isn't looking like a night that Ohio goes for Mitt.  Turn out the lights, the party's over

The Democrats will keep control of the Senate, easily, picking up seats.

The  Republicans will keep control of the House easily, picking up seats.

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  • Hardly matters. The world ends December 21, 2012, according the the Mayans, who do not belong to either party.

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