Better than Flannery and Hill w/Cullerton-Dillard: Berkowitz w/2014 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft? on Cable/Web

Dan Proft:  [If I am a state GOP leader],  the first thing I do [before the Holidays set in] is make a public statement and put together a coalition of the willing- of the people who are interested in re-thinking how the Republican Party operates—and send a message to the Illinois electorate that we received your market feedback. We get it—and we are going to reintroduce that brand.


Time for the State GOP to dump Republican House leader Tom Cross and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno, says Dan Proft.  Proft also elaborates on how "comprehensive," the problems are with the State GOP [Watch show with Proft here] For another perspective on the mess the State GOP made of the November 6, 2012 election in Illinois, Watch Berkowitz interview  State  GOP Chairman Pat Brady here. 


Tonight's City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Dan Proft, former political campaign consultant,  once and perhaps future Republican Primary Candidate for  Governor and current WLS 890 AM Radio Media Personality (Wolf and Proft, currently sitting in for Don and Roma, 5  to 9 AM, M-F)   The show with Proft airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].    

In a show taped five days after the Nov. 6 election, Dan Proft debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz just how badly the Illinois Republican Party "sucks," including what has been wrong or right with the State Republican party's  focus and leadership in the past, the accountability of the State GOP's leaders, the importance of the Hispanic vote, the importance of the school choice movement as a means to grow the GOP  and much, much more.

The "Public Affairs," show with Dan Proft is posted here.  

The show with Proft will also air in Rockford this Thursday night at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 17


An extensive partial transcript of the show with Proft is included, below: 

Why the Illinois Republican Party lost so badly on November 6, 2012. Watch the discussion starting at 7:45 [seven minutes and forty -five seconds] into tonight’s Public Affairs show with Dan Proft.  

Dan Proft: …So, you look a Illinois being the bad example across almost every financial competency metric, Illinois being the bad example when it comes to quality of life across almost every economic indicator and you say people have got to have had enough of this [Democratic Party rule of all three branches of Illinois government] and you say, “People have got to have had enough of this; people have got to be open to embracing change.”  But, they are not open to embracing change if they’re not assured of what they are going to change out for Chicago Democrats and this is the brand failure of the Republican Party in this state. Right? The Republican Party, that’s a brand.  That is a promise to deliver--fill in the blank—and because we [Republicans] haven’t defined what filling in the blank looks like, what it sounds like, what it means, what Republican Party governance of this state would mean for people, we continue to get our brains beat in by mediocre intellects and street criminals from Chicago…

Jeff Berkowitz:  …mediocre intellects? And the examples would be?

Dan Proft: …how about two terms of Governor by Rod Blagojevich? How’s that for an example? So, this is the real challenge for the [Republican] Party….

The Senate Seat Appointment is F ing Golden, said Rod Blagojevich [Watch the discussion, starting at  8:30 [eight minutes and 30 seconds] into tonight’s show:

Jeff Berkowitz: …We’ve got this book called, “Golden,” about Blagojevich, let’s see if we can get a flash of that on the screen, by Jeff Coen and John Chase from the Chicago Tribune…you may want to take a look at this book. We now have an underwriter: The Book Stall in Winnetka, IL. You can find that book at The Book Stall in Winnetka and also, you may not see this show on the air for a while,, but you will see it on YouTube within a day or two of its taping on Nov. 11, and Coen and Chase will be speaking [a few days from the day of the taping]  on Nov. 14th at the University Club in the Loop [jointly sponsored with The Book Stall in Winnetka] at lunchtime.

Dan Proft:Going back to Blagojevich, it’s a good example of what we have done for the past decade as Republicans; what we have said is—we define ourselves by who we are not—“We’re not Chicago Democrats,” and we think that is enough.  It is not enough.

9:30 into tonight’s show:   Defining the State Republican Party brand

Dan  Proft: We [Illinois Republicans] need to define who we are; specific constituencies we would like to represent, and make overtures to those constituencies and explain the quality of life impacts that our policy vision would have.  If we don’t do that, we allow ourselves to be caricatured, as we were in this election cycle. We put ourselves on defense all the time, even though we know what’s coming…

14:23 into tonight’s show: Risk aversion by the Republican Party, a lack of courage.  A lack of heart?    

Dan Proft: …[T]he problem that I have seen [in the Republican Party] is risk aversion—when we have very little to lose.  And, that’s really a challenge. C. S. Lewis ….says … “Courage is the foundation of every virtue at its testing point.” …so, in other words, if you don’t have courage, you can possess no virtue because you are not willing to display that virtue when it’s challenged…That’s a good way to describe he problem with the Republican Party. When challenged about our alleged virtues, we have routinely backed down, as opposed to displaying the courage to defend those virtues, to defend those policies, to defend a world view consistent with first principles.

22:40 into tonight’s show:

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you blame Pat Brady, State Party Chairman? Do you blame Chris Radogno, the State Senate Republican Leader? Do you blame Tom Cross, the State House Republican Leader, so which of those three party leaders has to be accountable [for the poor performance on election day]? …So, you’re saying Radogno should go…Cross should go; Brady shouldn’t go, but its much more than that?

Proft: It’s both personnel changes and programmatic changes.

Berkowitz: How do you do it then? [in addition, that is] to replacing those two Republican Leaders? What’s next?

Proft: If I would say, what do I do before the Holidays set in, if I am a Republican Leader in the State? The first thing I do is make a public statement and put together a coalition of the willing- of the people who are interested in re-thinking how the Republican Party operates—and send a message to the Illinois electorage that we received your market feedback. We get it—and we are going to reintroduce that brand.

Berkowitz: Are you putting together a coalition of like minded Republicans so you and they can come out with something that grabs the people before the end of the year..?

Dan Proft: I am trying to be a part of that, yes.


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