The top ten reasons why Paul Ryan won the 2012 VP debate.

Not only did the below statements and actions help bring independents to Romney-Ryan, but they helped set or reinforce the foundation for Romney’s arguments in the second Presidential debate, scheduled for this coming Tuesday night.

  1. We just had an ambassador and three other Americans killed in Libya. That doesn’t happen everyday. And, Joe Biden lied about it in the debate. He said “Nobody asked us for more protection.” But, evidence indicates that is not true. It is clear from documents and testimony in recent hearings that our ambassador was asking for more protection. Worse, the Obama administration’s ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, told everybody well after the incident that the murder of our ambassador was due to spontaneous protests about the production of a U. S. film offensive to Muslims. We now know that was clearly a false statement and Ms. Rice either did and should have known that. Biden blamed last night that error  on incorrect intelligence information. That won’t hold up. This was not a good way to win independent votes.
  2. Biden spent the evening smirking, smiling, sneering, interrupting, overtalking  and being sarcastic when his opponent, Cong. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) was speaking. Due to a split screen, everyone watching this on TV could see it. It suggests that Biden is an immature, insensitive, quirky person who is too unstable to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Also, you have to wonder about the kind of debate preparation Biden had and does this show disarray among Obama’s staff.  Shouldn’ they exercise some control over Biden. This could be dispositive against Obama for independents and undecided voters.
  3. Iran is racing toward a nuclear weapon and nothing that Biden said should have been reassuring to voters. Obama spent several years trying to be nice to Iran, in hopes they would accept the peace offerings. They didn’t  and nothing said by Biden last night  should have been persuasive to independent and undecided voters that Obama’s approach to Iran is a good one.
  4.  As Ryan said last night, the current state of the U. S. economy is not what a recovery looks like: 1.4 % annualized rate of GDP growth, 7.8% current unemployment,  8% to 10% unemployment for most of Obama’s tenure and 23 million Americans struggling with some sort of unemployment or underemployment.  A 800 billion dollar stimulus program that did little. Why should anybody think that four more years of this approach will make the situation markedly better. This won’t attract independent voters.
  5. Ryan articulated a Romney-Ryan plan to reform and save medicare, while not changing it for those over the age of 54. Biden said nothing other than he was against any reform of Medicare. Even the moderator, left of center Martha Raddatz, seemed annoyed when she asked Biden, “Why not raise the age for medicare eligibily just one year sometime in the future.”  Biden had no answer.  Independents are unlikely to be attracted to Biden’s unwillingness to take any steps to fix Medicare.
  6.  Biden argued that Obama-Biden would not raise taxes at all for middle class families, but that clearly taxes should be increased for the top 2%.  Ryan argued that such tax increases would hurt job creation, as the top 3% include many small businessmen who would engage in less saving and investment and thus create fewer jobs, if their taxes were increased. Independents would like to see true, expanded efforts to create jobs, especially in the private sector.
  7. Biden is very proud of the fact that our combat troops are essentially out of Iraq  and we will  be out of Afghanistan by 2014. While Romney-Ryan do not differ markedly on this item with Obama-Biden, Ryan did argue that Obama didn’t have to make the time line so certain and public. A little doubt as to our intentions might have slowed down the return of the Taliban. This should be an attractive argument to independents who might want to diminish the power of people who killed 3000 Americans.
  8. Biden thought he would try to scare women into thinking Romney-Ryan had on their agenda legislation to make abortion completely illegal.  But Ryan said simply that he believes life begins at conception, referring to the fetus his wife and he saw via an ultrasound. He said the Romney-Ryan policy is one of opposing abortion except in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is at stake. Moreover, Ryan doesn’t seem to want to appoint judges who would try to ban abortion. Rather, Ryan thinks abortion policy should be set by the elected representatives of the people, not judges. Further, Ryan alluded to the values of Biden when Ryan pointed out that Biden said he would not second guess China’s policy of forced abortion and sterilization to enforce the Chinese one child policy.  Over-all, it appears that the Romney -Ryan position on abortion might be closer to that of independents than that of Obama-Biden.
  9. The abortion discussion took place near the end of the debate. So, Biden smirked, smiled, sneered, laughed and was very sarcastic throughout the entire debate, except for the abortion discussion, when he seemed to be quite serious. This might give independents the impression that Biden was not that concerned about taxes, unemployment, spending,  Iran and U. S. ambassadors being killed.  Yes, his only serious concern was a woman’s unlimited right to have an abortion anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances.  That might not be an attractive position to independents.
  10. To close, Biden said he just wanted to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot. For Ryan, it was all about the economy and jobs. Ryan said Romney-Ryan would accept the responsibility to bring about a real recovery. Again, advantage Ryan, in terms of winning over independent and undecided voters.



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    I have searched blog activity after the VP debate of 10/11/12 and am incredulous that there is no comment to VP Joe Biden waving his finger in Martha Raddatz' direction, if not in her face as close as they were seated, and his angry lecturing tone. If it were a male moderator, would Biden have been as dismissive and condescending? If it were Paul Ryan waving his finger in a woman's face, and talking down to a woman, lecturing her in a superior pushy manner and tone, would there be silence? Where, oh where are you feminist activists, when a liberal condescends a professional woman?

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    In reply to Gail Turnbull:

    Conservative crap The President is calm not aggressive and lets things go and is degraded in his behavior now VP Bidden does the opposite and that's wrong make up your mind what in the world do U want??? O wait U'r republican U don't know till the party tells U what to think say do or want just like the NAZI Party did before and during WWII then say I was just following what I was told to do it made scene.

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    In reply to Greywlf McWilliams:

    BINGO! That and they speak out of both sides of their mouth when they do speak. How could anyone say Ryan won the debate? I'm still waiting for just a few specifics, especially the spending/tax issue. Let's see, lower taxes on rich and middle class, reduce the deficit and increase military spending (even though we're ending our longest wars in history) - anyway, how does that work? Please - any Republican, please tell me how you do that. By the way, just for reference, when Geo. Bush took over from Clinton there was an 83 billion surplus in the budget, when Bush left office there was a 681 billion deficit - just as reference, but you know the Republicans don't even admit Bush is a Republican.

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    In reply to Greywlf McWilliams:

    WELL SAID, There is no difference between a capitalist or a communist country. In one case the guy with the money calls the short and in the other case the guy who holds the title calls the shots. THE USA is not as free as you are made to believe. Every citizen of the USA is like a particle in a box. confined with a bunch of laws regulation and policy. It simple means you are free within the confinements of this invisible fence. You step outside and you will get a electric shock. The republic party does a good job of keeping the box intact with all its particle. Unless you the voter start believing in your self first.Second take charge of your life and stop being treated as a door mat by these politician, the country will have the same faith as any other super power...

  • Perhaps those feminist activists are too busy trying to protect their right to have sex for reasons other than procreation if they feel like it and to control their own lives and career paths by planning when they have a child.

    Or perhaps they are too busy fighting for the ability of low income women to receive quality healthcare at places like Planned Parenthood who spend 97% of their funding providing important services like mammograms and pap smears and contraception and thus helping millions of women to avoid ever getting an abortion.

    Perhaps they were there and listening, but they Joe's history of creating and fighting for the Violence Against Women Act, or his support for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act has them know that Joe isn't condescending towards women so they don't interpret a finger wave like you do.

    Or maybe they were too disgusted by the incredibly pompous and disconnected policy on abortion put forth by Paul Ryan to notice a little finger wave.

    I love it when people who have drunk the kool aid for the party of Limbaugh interpret and see smirks and finger waves in as negative manner as possible. Question yourself much?

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    It is obvious the tale of two stories will be told. Ryan's problems - **convincing me bipartisan can only be achieved when "they" are in the White House.
    ** Men in charge of Women's Rights. Cannot support that.
    ** leaving Afghanistan - not an option
    Biden's problems -
    ** Ryan's right - House & Senate was yours the first (2) yrs in office and did nothing, except have us listen Nancy Peloso...
    ** and the Supreme court Judges you would nominate???
    ** "if they would get out of the way" - obviously the "people" voted them in. Who is listening to who here?

    "You have too choose.." really folks? That the real problem. This is the best our Country can develop? Old regime, prime example of politics as a career. 69 Joe? going to die in office? Ryan - why is it you spend every minute speaking about Romney? If the Vice President is nothing more than the maid in waiting, Shut-up. I listened to a debat between two people that in truth "mean what?" to the process?

    The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes. Wow - theirs a wake-up call. They will gladly pay their fair share! take the marbles out of your mouth. No they won't. That's why their rich. It has been that way since time began. Which is why socialism does not work. Human greed is a natural trait, which is the main reason we are AMERICANs that's who we are. Understand the Republican way, find a way for someone to pay for it, without using their money. (how rich is born). Understand the democratic way, we need a level playing field. The American people need RESULTS. We are tired of just trying to survive.
    I vote we have a Constitutional amendment added today. There will be a (3rd) choice, Vote "Null", if the Nulls win. President does not have job, Congress cannot operate because the 3rd wheel in process is not filled. The people will make it clear, like the Gong Show - NEXT.

  • In reply to John Feeney:

    'The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes...No they won't. That's why their rich.'

    Are you serious? you honestly think that is why some folks are rich, because they don't pay enough taxes?

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    In reply to John Feeney:

    Not quite sure where you get the Rich do not pay their fair share of taxes....

    The top 10% of taxpayers, people making over ~112K per year pay 70% of Federal Income taxes. The top 1% of taxpayers, people making over 333K per year pay ~37% of federal Income taxes.

    How much is fair share? I do not have a degree in math or liberalism but I think the 10% paying 70% of all Federal Income tax is a fair share.

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    In reply to Donald Llewellyn:

    I notice You went by who paid the most taxes not who earned the most income. The ones who earn the most should pay the most. They have the ability to enjoy the benefits of this country where the people who do the most work have the least The the ones who are at the top also have the most to lose. If this country was to fall where would they be?? They benefit the most from the roads the airports the hospitals where they get help that most of us could never afford even if we mortgaged the rest of our life. When its proposed that everyone have health insurance so that there is a reduction of demand on emergency rooms that are not suppose to deal with flu. or the like things a doctor should deal with not an emergency room and the hospital pays less in taxes because they wind up writing it off as a loss on there books.
    Lets prevent a woman from having control of her body and when she needs economic help lets condemn her for that because she was prevented from removing the need before it would have been needed. Lets cut Education funding and then wounder why there's a increase in un-employment because the jobs the under educated need has been sent over seas because a federal check and a reduce in there tax bill. Lets tax all income of a business earned here or there lets follow the path of most countries and if the money is made it ht stays here. Income in banks regardless is taxed. Put a reasonable limit on the earned income tax credit. If a parent corp has 1 or 100 subsidiaries the subsidiaries pay the taxes its not run through the parent corporation. Lets make it so if Elected they cant be employed by a lobbies group for 6-10 years before or after their election.

  • "Human greed is a natural trait, which is the main reason we are AMERICANs that's who we are."

    The main reason why I'm an American is because I was born here. I chose to remain an American because of the freedoms that are insured by our laws and our once glorious stand for human and civil rights.

    You're right, greed is natural...for a 4 year old, but then, ideally, our parents teach us to share. Ideally, our parents teach us that to bully your little brother and take his toys just because you're bigger and you can is not fare. Our parents and our churches ideally teach us about the Golden Rule that states "treat others as you would want them to treat you". Our schools ideally reinforce these teachings when we reach kindergarten age.

    As we mature into adults, ideally, sharing, fairness and decency all become natural human traits and the "gimme-gimmies" fade away.

    I actually care about sharing, fairness and decency. I think they are apart of what makes America worth fighting for. I care about my freedoms. Freedom to speak out politically without being jailed or intimidated by my government. Freedom to not practice any religion or my specific religion without my government having anything to say about it. Freedom to own a gun if I feel it is necessary. Freedom to get an abortion if I want one. And the freedom to pursue my dreams. The last one, however, also takes the opportunity to pursue them. And that is where sharing, fairness and decency comes in.

    As you correctly pointed out, not everyone is born rich, not everyone is born into the same levels of opportunity to pursue their dreams. If those who already have opportunity want to be greedy with it, then we have an oligarchy. I prefer a democracy where all men are created equal and are allowed equal opportunity to become rich, if that is their dream, or become great at something, or make a difference in people's lives. We can all start out at different levels of wealth, but opportunity demands a somewhat level playing field in a democracy. And a level playing field and greed are inescapably and diametrically opposed.

  • Is this for real? Let's break your reasons apart, shall we...

    1) Yep, the embassy was attacked. We screwed up. It happens. We, as liberals, learn from our errors. On the other hand, Republicans don't apologize. Romney writes books about it, Bush held press conferences about it--the right, apparently, doesn't make mistakes; therefore they have nothing to learn from.

    2) When people spout incredulous, unbelievable heaps of crap, sometimes all you can do is chuckle. I'm an 8th grade teacher, when a little Paul Ryan tells me a dog ate his homework, I don't look at him seriously and consider it reality. When a little Paul Ryan is caught cheating on a test, and he says it wasn't him, he didn't do it; I don't seriously entertain his lies. I call him on it. Biden was the teacher, Ryan was the insolent 14 year old.

    3) Iran isn't "racing" towards anything. Maybe you aren't sure what "racing" is. The U.S. is currently doing exactly what Romney/Ryan would do...Ryan said as much.

    4) The Republicans passed three stimulus plans during Bush's presidency when the economy was not in nearly as bad a shape as it was in 2008/2009. They thwarted every attempt at passing follow-up stimulus bills because their main goal as they clearly stated over and over again was not to help Americans, but rather to keep Obama a one-term president. Stimulus works, tax cuts don't.

    5) Ryan did not articulate a plan at all. What private insurer is going to start taking 70 year old customers? How are they going to make money? What 70 year old is going to want to spend three hours arguing with a customer service rep about an unpaid bill? Have any of these people ever had to directly deal with a health insurance company? Seriously. Yo want to subject seniors to customer care reps at Blue Cross or United Health want them to have to take physicals for insurance companies in their seventies and eighties...Ryan's plan is a joke. Private businesses hate paying out their insurance claims.....

    6) Tax decreases do not create jobs, tax increases don't cause jobs to disappear. That's a talking point and all you need to do is look at history. Bush cut taxes and destroyed the economy and had a net job LOSS. Tax cuts make the rich richer. If tax cuts create jobs, Romney paid a 13% tax rate--how many jobs did he create with his wealth. I'll tell you--NONE. Unless you're going to talk about car elevator builders.

    7) Yeah, the Taliban would NEVER have tried to attack if we didn't telegraph our departure. I mean, it would be like if al Qaeda telegraphed their attack and then the president got a memo about it, and then, like, ignored it. And then said something like "Bin Laden, I don't give him much thought..." Let's never trust the Republicans on national security again. Heck, Democrats are the one's who are much better at winning wars...

    8) So, abortion should be determined by elected representatives, but in 2000 it was okay to have elections determined by judges? Ryan and the Republicans are full of it. They LOVE activist judges. Alito shaking his head during the state of the union...No, abortion is legal, it should be legal, the fetus is NOT a baby.

    9) As for who cares about what--RYAN BROUGHT UP PEOPLE DYING IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!! Did he not know Biden's history. Is he that much of an uncaring ignoramus? Or did he just "not know?" What sort of person brings that up? What if Biden had said, "I knew a family that had a thirteen year old whose father died of a heart attack..." to Ryan. Ryan has no heart--he admitted it every time he praised Ayn Rand....

    10) the economy....Ryan and Romney haven't provided a single solitary plan with any specifics...cutting taxes DOESN'T work...

    Biden mopped the floor with the petulant child...

  • 'That's a Bunch of Malarkey'

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    In reply to borg:

    Facts are facts keep the spin doctors away. If uU use something use it in the full context not a snip-it.

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    Here is the truth being told about the forked tongue Ryan.
    The catholic nuns really helped turn this race around for Obama, in my opinion, when they started their bus tour to explain to people how Lyin Ryan and Lyin Willardo were going to destroy medicare and healthcare as they know it.
    When nuns and bishops speak out against the criminal repukes, they should be congratulated for it.
    This "Baindead" pick of Ryan is going to cause lyin Willardo, the Mexican Mormon Moron to lose the nun and bishop votes. They HATE Ryan and his lies.

    Any senior or anyone else on medicare who votes for a pathetic, psychotic, facist repuke for president is cutting their own throat. Your medicare costs will go up about $6,000 a year, and your secondary insurance will skyrocket. This is according to the CBO. The National Council of Bishops who support the lying repukes only because of abortion, have highly cr iticized the Ryan voucher plan as being cruel and harsh and can't support it. It gives an average $250,000 tax cut to millionaires while cutting medicare.
    There is a group of nuns travelling around the country who call themeselves "Nuns on a Bus". Their goal is to correct all the false information and lies spread by Paul Ryan that his plan is going help anyone but the wealthiest 2%. They also claim the the Ryan plan is a disaster for the poor and needy people in this country and that you should vote against the republicans.
    Once the medicare funds get into the hands of the repukes corporate criminal backers, it will be destroyed.
    Repukes are typical right wing dunces that listen to Fox Lies with Eric Bowleggs, David Axxwipes and The Sludge. Even Miss Piggy has more brains than these braindead repukes, as she knows that Faux News is only a pretend news channel and is only a poor excuse for a comedy channel.
    There had to be a reason that Rick the Dick Sanitarium and Nut Gingerhead, the criminal lobbyist both agreed that lyin Willardo is the worst person to ever run for president in U.S. history, that he can't be trusted and will destroy our country.
    They both brought Etch A Sketch boards to their news conferences to prove their points.

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    In reply to Jim Keating:

    There is a issue that seems to be missed. The Catholic church seems to be the loudest. They say its a sin its wrong they have the answer no abortions How about their god saying freedom of choice that includes committing a sin mortal venial or what ever. They do not have the right to force people to do things because "God " said its wrong "God said they have the choice let them the ones who in the hereafter if there is on has to pay for it.
    How can a company do the same thing and make a profit from it? the Government doesn't have share holders to answer to something has to be reduced same money its going to be service quality of service or the services provided.

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    Ron Paul "washes his hands" of the "lying, criminal, cheating" repuke dunce party.
    This is great news. Gary Johnson may take away some of the Mexican Mormon Moron's votes.
    This is great news for Obama. Ron Paul has "washed his hands" of the republican party after 30 years. He claims they are liars, cheats and criminals. His backers will probably not vote for lyin Willardo, the Mexican Mormon Moron tax evader, bankrupter, draft dodger, job outsourcer and Etch a Sketch Champion. This should easily allow Obama to win. His backers are considering drafting Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico to run.
    Johnson, in my opinion, is too honest to win. He is truly, the only decent candidate the repuke freaks had, but they shut him out. Repukes - the party of voter supression.
    "The irony of the announcement by Congressman Paul is that it was the Republican party who first rejected him, long before Paul's decision to wash his hands of the GOP. During the primary campaign season, multiple Republican committees in states across the country used rule changes and local law enforcement to ensure the Texas Congressman did not succeed in winning primaries. Couple this with the fraudulent attempt to keep Ron Paul from being nominated at the Convention by stealing his delegates in Maine, and in other states, and it is no surprise that the soon to retire Congressman has had enough of the corrupt political party he supported for more than 30 years."

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    Lyin Willardo should not even be running for president. But for a lyin moron, talk is cheap. This clueless moron has no idea how to fix anything. This criminal, repuke bankupts companies and loses jobs. What a joke. The nuts that follow him actually believe that he is going to create 12 million new jobs and these dopes believe him. He does not have to tell them how, that does not matter.
    Lyin Willardo is known as the Mexican Mormon Moron for good reason. This complete dunce made himself look even more ignorant than he already is by stating in a campaign clip that if he ever overpaid his taxes, he does not deserve to be your president. Well this repuke dunce overpaid his 2011 taxes by $3,000 to make it look like he was paying a higher tax rate-which he can recover after the election. He has up to 3 years to refile an amended return. Only a pathetic, psychotic, braindead radical right wing cracked teanut dope will vote for him.

  • I have a hard time taking a political "journalist" (or even a "blogger for that matter) seriously when they abbreviate Paul Ryan's title as "Cong. Paul Ryan."

    As someone who is considered at least as much of an authority on national politics as to have their "article" linked to the front page of the venerable Chicago Tribune, you should be well aware that the proper way to refer to the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate would be as "Rep. Paul Ryan, " as in "representative," not "Cong." (as in Viet Cong?).

    If the Tribune would like to employ some "bloggers" who pay attention to the political landscape, I'd be happy to come on board.

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    Mr. Berkowitz we could hardly be any further apart on 'who won'....All of this smoke and mirrors about "Biden's style" is completely over shadowed by one thing "The amount of LIEING" (either by misstatement or omission) that Ryan did...please lets be the end of the debate when Ms. Martha R asked about 'abortion and their Catholic religion'...suddenly all the business about 'big government and intruding on your life' went out the window when Ryan, very quietly made it clear 'bye bye Roe v. Wade'...and Mr. Biden said "I follow my religion but do not put its values on others..."...or words to that effect.

    And do we need to bring up Ryan's record on privatizing Social Security during the Bush years and right straight through till recently...

    If you are going to defend the man, please be sure to do it on fact...

    Mr. Ryan did get a point in on the murkiness of how Libya has been handled by the administration...but past that, almost all of the rest goes to the VP...his laughter and body language was a clue to 'he is not telling the truth again'...Point...when he was asked about 10% unemployment in his home town, there were no 'gestures' till Ryan tried to tie it to 'the whole country is going that way' (HELLO 7.8%)...

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    In reply to quefa10:

    Actually the state dept did get a request for the Embassy NOT THE COMPOUND, and That is where The deaths occurred. It was a strike force just like Ben lauden Somethings happen no matter what U do it's sad its the Pitts the loss of life the damage the pain But to Use it for gain that's wrong why not be vocal on changing the way security is determined. The cutting of what some 200 Million from the security budget doesn't help.

  • Jeff,

    Your perception is your reality but it sure isn't mine! Biden is far from perfect and Mr. Ryan scored a great chuckle about Biden's propensity for mis-speaking but that's about it. Mr. Ryan was very poised, but sadly unbelievable. He and Mr. Romney when in the company of conservatives talk about the 47% and in Ryan's case the 30% of "takers". Their convention was filled with sarcastic comments about handouts and entitlements all the while pandering to the folks who have the most that they "deserve better". I'm sorry it's two faced and I don't buy it!

    Do I think this country is in a good place? No, not yet. Do I think the president and vp have been perfect.? No. But do I think the Romney / Ryan ticket is going to change anything for the better? Nope!

    After watching their convention and hearing Mr. Romney's own words about the folks who expect things from their government, I cannot buy into his new found populism and moderate tone. "I will do nothing to hurt the middle class." he says with a wink and a nod. I just don't buy it, not one little bit!

  • Can someone explain why everyone keeps talking about 23mil unemployed when the President took office by all research I have done the number was half that something like 12.5mil. unemployed.

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    Want your vote to count? Vote Independent or Libertarian. Lest you think you'll be "throwing your vote away" let me clarify. Voting Republican or Democrat supports the same criminals that allowed Goldman Sachs to get government money and continue to control the elections and political offices (that would be for BOTH Bush and Obama, even as we write), hence the rich will get richer and the middle class will shrivel, despite Obama's blather otherwise. Voting Repub or Dem ensures your vote is buried among tens of millions and you'll never be heard. However, vote Independent or Libertarian and all of a sudden your vote can be seen. Enough of these, and it will be become apparent to all, including those as stupid as Tea Partiers or Michael Moore fans, that the system is not working an a 'reboot' is needed. When even the Supreme Court is corrupted by money (see Super PACS), the system needs a reset.

  • All politicians lie but damn man team obama has got to be the most blatant in modern times running a close second behind bush.Romney seems to be at least a tastful believable lier. I too lean libertarian But,this shit is obviously fixed and whatever has this stranglehold on our country is not done yet.You will think this man is crazy but i encourage all obama voters to look into paster James Manning from the ATLAH church of Harlem N.Y. Peace.

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    This article reads like the Enquirer, 1."evidence indicates", 2. damn if they do and damn if they don't 3. this sounds like the dribble they spun on Gore! 3. What did Ryan say? Nothing. 4.Romney is getting ready to relocate some jobs in his company overseas, Is that what recovery looks like? 5.Turning Medicare into a voucher program to enrich the already rich insurance companies, that is not fixing Medicare.6 tax decreases never created 1 job. 7. The Taliban don't make their moves according to anything but when they get ready, you can't forcast them! 8. Abortion is not going to win or lose an election. 9. Here we go again, I think Berkowitz just doesn't like Bidens' face. 10. Romney and Ryan wouldn't know a real recovery if it jumped up and slapped them!

  • In reply to Norma Roseman:

    Romney's a job creator all right. Most of them in China.

  • Yeah, Biden just wanted to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot. That's why this Einstein thinks he lost the debate.

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    All you have to do is look at who wrote this piece and that tells the story of bull.
    Thomas Blakley, Your comment would only come from a republican. And we wonder why so many in this world don't like America!

  • If there were a "dislike" box, this blog would have thousands.

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    I am of the same opinion as you do, if you consider that the man can say the same respect as you

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