Round 6, Role of Government in economy: Obama wins 9 to 8

Obama says Government is great because it cuts out the middleman, as in student loans. Mitt emphasizes that

government shouldn't pick winners and losers, but we should help make education more efficient and cites to report cards.  STupid argument by Romney.  Romney does make the argument for school choice,  but it was so subdued  that I am not sure where or when he made it. Could have been here or might have been earlier in the degate.  What happened to charter schools and vouchers, as the main way to improve the quality of education and upward mobility potential for low income minorities?  It got lost in the shuffle.  Obama wins this 9 to 8, because Romney seemed to fall asleep. Ran out of gas. Romney talks about how great schools are in Massachusetts. Even if this were true, which it is not , at least not universally so, the reason for that is that Romney was governor from 2002 to 2006?  G ive me a break.

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