Round 5 of Presidential Debate: Obamacare, tie, 8-8


Obama makes pedestrian, small picture argument.  Moreover, everybody knows the data don't

support his argument that healthcare costs are already going down due to Obamacare. Premiums for healthcare

insurance are going up, not down. What is Obama talking about. Obama knows he is losing this round, so now he goes back to arguing

Dodd Frank, arguing Mitt has no specifics.  Lehrer tries to prevent Romney from responding. Romney says  screw you to Lehrer and cites to Obama all Mitt's specifics on his tax plan and his plans for the economy.

Another tie, 8 to 8. Neither was very good at explaining why his healthcare plan was really good. Romney should have said we should have

fixed the 30% of healthcare that needs fixing, not messed with 100%. I don't know what Obama could have done to reasonably defend Obamacare.      This was a fifteen minute waste of time. Please, please retire Lehrer.


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