Round 1 (25 minutes) goes to Cong. Ryan, 10-9 over Biden

Round 1 of VP Debate: goes to Cong. Paul Ryan on Iran, Murder of our ambassador, general Obama foreign policy assessment; Biden more words but fewer good arguments. Biden just doesn’t have foreign policy facts on his side.   Martha Raddatz has no idea how to moderate this debate.  This is basically Biden and Ryan trading insults and thoughts.


Martha Raddatz— to Biden, wasn’t this a major Intelligence failure in Libya?

Biden brushes this aside and says I assure you "we will get the killers and we will get to the bottom of what went wrong."  This is not what America wants-- get to the bottom of what Obama admin did wrong?

Ryan hits back hard and says Obama foreign policy is failure.

Martha hits Paul--- was it really appropriate for mitt to be critical right out of box in Libya.  Paul Ryan says never too early to speak out on what is wrong.

Biden says malarkey because congress cut Libya embassy protection. Biden doesn’t understand talk of weakness.  Obama led most devastating efforts in Iran. Rs are betting against America all the time, says Biden.


Martha asks biden why they kept saying murder of  Ambassador was due to protestors, not terrorists.  Biden says this is what intelligence community told us. Usually we pull together, but not Romney, says Biden.

Ryan says we shouldn’t apologize for our values. When we get requests for more security, we should honor them. Of course there is investigation to make sure this doesn’t happen again. That's hardly a defense, implies Ryan.

Martha cuts Ryan off and says let’s go to Iran—which is where Paul was going. Martha is leaning left against ryan, she doesn’t cut off joe, but she will do it to Ryan.

Ryan, look atw what Iran is doing, they are promoting and doing terrorism and moving faster to a nuclear weapon. This admin watered down sanctions at first, now they are tougher due to Congress,

Biden--- if we had followed Rs in congress, nobody would have joined us in sanctions. Biden laughs sarcastically, but his sarcasm doesn’t work. Biden says Rs want to take us to war, but Ryan shouts back—we  want to prevent war.

Biden—Iranians don’t have a weapon to put nuclear material in, so not a problem. Biden, we won’t let them acquire a nuclear weapon.

Ryan, what do  Mullahs see—they see Obama diss Israeli leader and instead go on a talk show. They see Iranian nuclear effort proceed.

Paul says  to do this peacefully, you have to change their minds. You are not changing Iranian minds.

Biden, I am a long time friend of Israel's leader.  “This is a bunch of stuff.” We get along with Bebe.


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