Breaking Bad for Obama, Romney wins the first Presidential Debate on points: Fox, MSNBC, CNN and Berkowitz all agree.

I blogged the Presidential dabate in real time, in a series of 7 separate posts below, corresponding to six rounds and a closing argument. Romney won on points 57 t0 53, but that makes it sound closer than it was.  Romney won the first round, which was 25 minutes on the economy.  After that, it was clear sailing for Mitt. It was as if he had built up a lead, and then kept throwing a bunch of aggressive jabs and neither candidate ever got off a big punch.

Most importantly, Romney made a good argument, early on, that he had a good plan to create the right environment  for private sector job growth.  Obama never was able to shoot down that argument and Romney came back to it again and again, making him  the consistent winner.

Obama seemed sluggish, uninvolved  and completely lacking in passion.  You get the impression that No Drama Obama thinks he will win this thing and he doesn't want to show any emotion until he  has to.

The post game pundit analyses at Fox, MSNBC and CNN agreed:  this was Romney's night. CNN reported a poll that had Romney the winner, 67 to 25.  The race should now be fairly tight as we head, next week, into the VP debate.


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