Romney wins Round 1(on The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7

Romney wins Round 1(The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7

Obama got killed in the first segment, which was 25 minutes on the economy. Romney emphasized he wants to create jobs, via encouraging the private sector.  Obama kept saying you have a 5 trillion  dollar tax cut for the rich. Romney kept saying no, and emphasized his new taxes cust are for small businesses, which will create jobs.  Romney doesn’t want to abolish the Bush tax cuts for anyone—that means he doesn’t want to increase taxes, not that he wants to cut taxes for rich.  He doesn’t want to increase taxes on job creators.  Obama does. That came thru load and clear to viewers.   At end of segment, Obama essentially gave in and said, ok, you are right about your tax cuts. Romney was cool and clear. Obama was platitudes and wandering around.

On a 10 point max for Round 1, Romney 10- Obama 7.

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