MSNBC and Fox agree: Mitt Romney won the debate.

Oh, my , Obama is in trouble. MSNBC panel of Maddow, Schultz, Matthews and Hayes are crying over how awful

they think Obama did. They are lamenting that Obama didn't attack Romney enough and saying Romney rolled over Obama and Lehrer.

Only Lawrence O'Donnell says maybe Obama did well, "We don't know how people watching at home reacted." Doesn't matter what MSNBC commentors think. Rev. Sharpton and O'Donnell say Romney just lied. Schultz and Maddow say Obama should have called him on his lie when Mitt said he didn't have a 5 million dollar cut.  So, MSNBC panel are almost unanimous that Obama lost.  And, Fox (Brit Hume and Steve Hayes) says Obama lost and Mitt did great.   So, if MSNBC and FNC agree that Mitt Romney won, I would say Mitt Romney won. Game, set and match,at least as to Debate 1, for Romney.  Look for Romney to get big gain in polls. This is now a close race, with OBama still holding a slight lead.

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