Indictment of 18 year old Carly Rousso imminent for causing the death of Highland Park's five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.

The Grand Jury, convened in the matter of the death of Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento on Labor Day, which occurred exactly thirty days ago, is likely to vote today, or soon thereafter, to issue a five count, or so, felony indictment of Carly Rousso, for allegedly killing Jaclyn by crashing into her with her family’s 2003 Lexis, while Carly was under the influence of difluoroethane.

The  indictment is likely to allege that that compound was ingested, inhaled or breathed for the purpose of inducing a “condition of intoxication, stupefication or irrational behavior,” —in short, getting high and getting by, as the song says, with a little help from ‘her friends.’” —and those actions were the proximate cause of the death of Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.  

Carly’s “friends,” were probably the computer dust cleaning product that was found in her dad's Lexis that Rousso was driving when she hit and killed Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento on Labor Day. That computer dust matched the difluoroethane that was found in Rousso’s blood sample taken from her on Labor Day, as indicated by the blood tests done by the Illinois State crime lab.

Carly Rousso is a troubled, depressed 18 year old girl who was scarred physically and emotionally by being mauled by a pit bull a few years ago.  Apparently as a result of taunting, she has gone through several high schools, in and out of the state of Illinois. This week Carly starts a new journey—a journey through the legal system as she faces Lake County State’s Attorney prosecutors. 

A Trial date will be set soon and the wheels of justice will accelerate sharply.  Will there be justice for Jaclyn’s family? Will there be justice for Carly Rousso?  What is justice? We’re about to find out.   

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