Breaking Bad for North Shore’s 18 year old Carly Rousso: hit yesterday with a Six Count Huffing Felony Indictment

Carly Rousso- Mauled at Sweet 16 

Carly Rousso, two years ago, or so, was a Highland Park Sweet Sixteen with a promising future ahead of her. Then, she got mauled by a pit bull and was scarred physically and emotionally. Carly faced taunting from her peers-- perhaps because of her scars. Kids will be Kids.

Carly, an adopted Latina, developed a troubling pattern of encounters with drugs, difficulties at two North Shore high schools and went out of state for 18 months.

Carly Rousso’s Friends- intoxicating aerosol compounds

When she returned to Illinois, living in the plush Highland Park home of her prominent parents, Carly felt the need to get high with a “little help from her friends.” She decided to “huff,” some aerosol, an intoxicating compound and go for a drive on Labor Day, 2012. On her way home, Carly Rousso perhaps passed out or just “went woozy,” and lost control of her Dad’s 2003 Lexus-- killing a five year old Latina, Jaclyn Santos Sacramento. Carly told an investigating police officer, right after the accident, that she had been “huffing,” and the officer reported that Carly had trouble standing up without assistance.

Jaclyn was out for a walk on the main drag in Highland Park on a beautiful day with her mom, Modesta Sacramento Jiminez and her siblings, Daniel and Juan.

Carly indicted

Yesterday, as  this journalist predicted the night before, Carly was hit with a six count felony indictment, courtesy of a 15 person Grand Jury and the Lake County State’s Attorney.  Carly Rousso was indicted on two counts of Aggravated Driving under the influence of an intoxicating compound (for the death of Jaclyn), two counts of reckless homicide and two counts of Aggravated Driving under the influence of an intoxicating compound (for the injuries to Modesta).

Carly, if convicted, by a jury of her peers, could face a quarter century in prison. By the time she gets out, she could be middle aged, without likelihood of marriage and likely beyond her child bearing years.

Two lives snuffed out

Worse, perhaps, Carly will always know she snuffed out the life of a sweet, innocent five year old girl, robbing Jaclyn’s parents and siblings of the joys of her life.  Carly will probably never know the joys of  motherhood. She will live every day with emotional scarring much worse than those scars caused by the horrors of a pit bull mauling.

Carly’s parents will always wonder  what they could have done  to prevent Carly from “Huffing,” and especially from huffing and driving.  Who knows, perhaps they tried everything they could have.

Many others who know Carly will wonder what they could have done to prevent this tragedy for Carly, her family and the family of Jaclyn Santos Sacramento.

The wheels of Justice grind slowly: breaking like a little girl

Now, however, it is time for the wheels of justice to grind, and grind they will. Arraignment for Carly is set for October 18, 2012. Lake County Circuit Court Judge Booras will read the felony charges to Carly and ask her if she understands them.. She will nod yes, probably silently, and the Judge will remind her she has to speak up. The judge will ask how she pleads and that 18 year old girl who has perhaps made love, like a woman; ached, like a woman, but, as Dylan sang, broke, just like a little girl, will say “not guilty.” No doubt, Carly will continue to stay out of jail, pending the outcome of her trial, with the continuation of her 50K cash bond, and a myriad of curfew, driving and travel instructions.

And, it will pain Carly so much that she knows she is telling a lie. The first, of many, perhaps, as that little woman- girl- child faces Lady Justice, who herself is blind, and therefore knows no compassion or emotion.

Breaking Bad for Carly and Jaclyn

Yes, Labor Day, September 3 is a day that broke bad for Carly Rousso and the family of Jaclyn Santos Sacramento.  And, October 3 is yet another day that broke bad for Carly Rousso.

Trial Lawyers: the only winners.

There are no winners here, except maybe Robert Baizer, of Baizer, Kolar and Lewis, the plaintiffs’ trial lawyer firm, who filed a 14 count civil suit on September 12, 2012, on behalf of Modesta Sacramento Jiminez and her husband as Special Representatives of the Estate of Jaclyn Santos Sacramento and as friends of their two sons and on behalf of Modesta individually,  naming Carly Rousso as the defendant and alleging, among other things, wrongful death, negligence, and willful and wanton conduct.

Yes, color Robert Baizer and his law firm the rich winners out of the tragedy of Labor Day.   Whenever there is a human tragedy, Trial lawyers are the winners in our litigious society. Labor Day, 2012? That day broke good, or should I say well, for attorney Robert Baizer. .




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  • On the other hand, if the civil case is as cut and dried as you indicate, it probably is not going to trial and the trial lawyer doesn't clean up like you thought he will.

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    The judge will ask how she pleads and that 18 year old girl who has perhaps made love, like a woman; ached, like a woman, but, as Dylan sang, broke, just like a little girl,

    WTF???? You get paid for this? I've never read anything so stupid.

  • This throw-away hole can spend the rest of her miserable life in prison, wiping tables in the refectory in exchange for stale taco shells for all I care.

    And - as far as LAWYERS getting a cut of the action in cases like this where Highland Park Princesses get sent up the river.....that's the way it is, honeybun.

    The parents of the dead 5 year-old will get a cut as well - and THAT is what matters.

  • You're a shit writer. You're supposed to be UNBIASED, not a wannabe poet. Do your research, don't try to "predict the outcome" or just quit your fucking job because you're that bad at writing. Frankly whoever hired you should be fired.

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