State Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney scheduled to tape Public Affairs today- media invited to attend

To: Members of the media and Comcast Certified Producers

From: Jeff Berkowitz

Re: the Wimbleton of Public Policy discussions, located in beautiful Skokie, IL (The Aspen of the Midwest).  Come and Watch the taping of "Public Affairs," this afternoon with guest-- State Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney (R- Park Ridge)--interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz.  The taping begins at 12:45 pm and ends at 1:15 pm. This will be the 733rd taping of Public Affairs, which has been on the air, weekly,  in Chicago and in 34 Chicago N and NW Metro suburbs for the last 15 years.

The show also has been airing in Rockford, Aurora and often on the Illinois Channel for a number of  years. You can watch the show 24/7   and archives from the last 250, or so, shows here.  The show is posted, usually within days of the taping, on our youtube page, which also has clippings from the six one half hour shows we did with now President Obama, as well as clippings  of our shows/exchanges with now Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Senator McCain and former Bush senior advisor Karl Rove.


We are taping State Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney (R-Park Ridge, 55th District) for “Public Affairs,” today, Sunday, Oct. 21, starting at 12:45 pm at the Comcast Skokie Studio. We will air the show with Sate Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney  in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora and 34 North and Northwest  Chicago Metro suburbs (on Comcast and CANTV) and possibly around the State of Illinois (on the Illinois Channel) -- during the Week of October 28, 2012.

If media members would like to see the taping with State Rep. Candidate Sweeney  live, please arrive at the studio between 12:15 pm and 12:30 pm.  Comcast certified producers who would like to crew on the show are welcome and should arrive at 11:30 am.  Media members  may watch the show in the studio or the control room. None of the statements will be embargoed but we would expect any quotes and/or reports of statements made on the shows to reference “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” and the day or date of the show.

Coffee (15 varieties) will be served, along with Strawberries and Cream, Cookies, Bagels and Yogurt (while the items last, consistent with the definition of economics,  i.e., the allocation of scarce resources among unlimited wants.

We tape at the Comcast Skokie Studio, 9651 Gross Point Road, Skokie, IL. [entrance to the studio is off the sidewalk parallel to Gross Point Road, as opposed to the Comcast consumer door entrance across from the parking lot].    We will spend most of our time today discussing state employee pension reform (including the Governor's and other proposals), medicaid reform, education reform (including such topics as the best methods to improve the quality and efficiency of education); the viability and impact of school choice (including vouchers and charter schools), jobs, Illinois'  business climate, the state budget, state taxes, social/cultural issues (As Gov. Howard Dean put it- "Gays, Guns, God and abortion") and much, much more.     If you have any suggestions regarding specific sub-topics or questions you would like to see included in today's discussion, please do not be shy about emailing me or submitting comments, below.
Jeff Berkowitz


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