Way Better than MN Football, Dancing w/the stars, MN Baseball, Hannity and Maddow: Berkowitz w/Former MSNBC correspondent Bogert on Cable/Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Nick Bogert, former MSNBC correspondent.  The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21You can also watch the show 24/7 here.

 Bogert, who covered the second Blagojevich trial, among other news items, as a TV free lancer, debates and discusses a variety of national and city of Chicago political and public policy issues with show host Jeff Berkowitz.  The show was taped on June 6, 2012, as Mayor Emanuel was finishing his first year in office, and holds up rather well, ninety days later.  Emanuel said during the campaign his major focus was on improving City public safety, education and finances. So, Bogert is asked to evaluate and assess Emanuel’s performance, in large part, on his performance in those areas.  Bogert, who was working on a PBS special about public-private partnerships, also discussed Mayor Emanuel’s approach to such projects.

Mayor Emanuel appeared to try to leverage his control over the City's ability to assist the Ricketts family with the financing of improvements at Wrigley Field to muzzle Joe Rickett's criticism of the President, so as to benefit the President personally, the Democratic Party and Rahm Emanuel personally.  Is this the same kind of abuse of government power that sent Gov. Blagojevich to prison for 14 years? Rod used "State power." Rahm used "City Power." What's the difference?  We discuss, you decide.

Bogert was also asked if the City of Chicago should offer the same kind of school choice  that Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama have used to opt out of the Chicago and Washington, DC  public schools. That is, should we allow each CPS set of parents to take the $15,000 per kid per year that we are currently spending, on average, on each CPS kid, and use it at the private school of their choice. We discuss, you decide.

Bogert was asked to predict the Obama-Romney election outcome. Nick thought the election would turn on the state of the economy, asking Berkowitz where he thought the unemployment rate would be in October.  Berkowitz suggested an unemployment rate of 8.1 % for October. Bogert predicted that level of unemployment would put Romney in the lead. Yet, most polls currently have Obama with a significant electoral vote lead and a slight national vote lead, even though the current national unemployment rate is 8.1%    Does this mean that Romney is underperforming as a candidate, as most pundits suggest?

Berkowitz also asked Bogert if Obama had producted, as of June 6, 2012, an historic presidency. I could tell you what Nick said, but then I would have to kill you. So, we’ll just let you turn on, tune in and watch and hear the answer tonight, for yourself.  Bogert is an interesting newsman with more than three decades worth of national news and public policy perspective. You won’t want to miss this show.

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