Watch model/Dem Activist Alina Lenar w/Berkowitz on Cable/Web: Preventing Rape with Concealed Carry; Free birth control v. Freedom to practice religion

Alina Lenar: ...there are also instances such as rape.  If a woman's not protected (not taking birth control pills), the other party (the rapist?) doesn't care about the woman's protection, a woman needs to worry about her own protection. The only way a woman can...

Jeff Berkowitz: Why don't we try to make sure a woman isn't're going to tell me what the federal government has to do is pay for her abortion if she's raped. And, I'm going to say the most important thing probably is to make sure she's not raped, right. And, you have to ask yourself, why are women you know? Why are they raped?

Alina Lenar: There's numerous reasons for that.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, one of the reasons is that they can't protect themselves because we have laws, as in Illinois, that say, "you can't have concealed carry." So, you're a fairly tall're about 5'8" . With heels, you're 6'1", that's going to intimidate the Hell out of any guy, [perhaps] even a rapist... So, you can intimidate [potential rapists]. But, say, you were 5'1" worked in an unsafe area and you wanted an equalizer, that is, when you are in that unsafe area, you would like to carry a gun in your purse, so if a bad guy comes up to you, you take out the gun and say, back off, buddy, or you are going to get it. And, in Illinois, we can't do that.  And...I think the Democrats in general and I bet the tenthdems and 10th CD Democratic nominee Brad Schneider support that. Am I wrong on any of that?

Alina Lenar: I think it is a bad idea to carry concealed weapons...

Jeff Berkowitz: So, that woman, who  wants to avoid getting raped, you're going to say, "Tough, call the police and if they get there in time, fine and if they don't, just get raped, but the great thing about it is that the Democratic Party will pay for your abortion."

Alina Lenar: ...Carrying concealed weapons is not going to prevent women from getting raped...

Jeff Berkowitz: Did you ever hear [the phrase], "More guns, less crime."

Alina Lenar: No. Never.

Jeff Berkowitz: Look it up. John Lott, that's your reading assignment...


Watch Alina Lenar, TenthDems intern, model, actress, Democratic Party activist, debate and discuss President Obama's policy of requiring free birth control pills/devices to be provided by Catholic hospitals and others, public school monopolies v. school choice and the failure of Illinois state government to offer concealed carry as a way to allow women to protect themselves from rape and other violence in unsafe areas.

Lenar, a 21 year old world history major who will graduate from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in May of this year, has been volunteering more than fifteen hours per week since January, 2012 at (Committeewoman Lauren Beth Gash presiding), working to elect Democrats across Illinois' 10th Congressional District. Lenar is an ardent feminist, arguing on the show for "women’s sexual independence."

The Belarus immigrant Lenar, who previously lived in Rogers Park and Buffalo Grove and is a product of Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire,  is the first political activist/intern/model to appear on Public Affairs, debating and discussing a range of public policy issues, including the “Free Ex,” clause of the First Amendment to the U. S.  Constitution, with show host Jeff Berkowitz.

The show with Skokie resident Lenar airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight in its regular "Public Affairs" City of Chicago edition slot at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21

You can also watch the show here with Alina Lenar 24/7  .  


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