Better than watching Kentucky beat Kansas-- NOW Watch Berkowitz with Locke Bowman on Web discuss: Is Mayor Daley’s nephew getting away with murder?


REVISED AT 2:25 AM ON Tuesday morning:

You can NOW WATCH THE SHOW with  MacArthur Justice Center Locke Bowman interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz   24/7  POSTED HERE. 

Inquiring minds want to know:  What really happened in the early hours of the morning on April 25, 2004 and in the ensuring investigations by the police Department and the State’s Attorney office, first under State’s Attorney Dick Devine and then under State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.  Did R. J. Vanecko, nephew of Mayor Daley, sucker punch David Koschman that night (near the corner of Division and Dearborn, close to Butch McGuire’s bar in the Rush street area of Chicago), causing Koschman’s death eleven days later.  Has Vanecko gotten off, Scott free, so to speak, due to police and State’s Attorney white washes and cover-ups by the Chicago police and the Cook County prosecutors? Are the cover-ups continuing to this day?

Should a Special Prosecutor be appointed this Friday, April 6 [Perhaps ironically so on Good Friday, as we head toward the commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ] by Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Division, Michael Toomin, sitting as the judge, by special designation, to decide this matter at 2:00 pm in Room 606 of the Cook County Criminal Court Building at 2600 So. California (affectionately known by criminals, the accused, prosecutors, public defenders and criminal defense lawyers as “26th and Cal.”

Get some answers to these and other questions by watching Locke Bowman, MacArther Justice Center Director at the Northwestern University Law School and counsel to David Koschman’s mother, debate and discuss these issues with Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz. The show, taped on Sunday, April 2, 2012, aired throughout the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV at 8:30 pm Monday night.


Locke Bowman: The inescapable fact is that any reasonable thinking person would look at the police reports and compare those police reports to the sworn statements of the witnesses and say the cops wrote this up different from what happened and the question is why? And, that comes back to politics and it comes back to serious questions about why we have a criminal justice system and what it is supposed to accomplish for us.

Jeff Berkowitz: When you say it comes back to politics, what proof do you have of that?

Locke Bowman: …There is a note in the police file and I can quote this from memory.  It says, “V” which I think stands for Vanecko. It says, “V Dailey sister son,” and that’s if you take V as Vanecko, “Vanecko is the son of Richard M. Daley’s sister, Mary Daley.”

Jeff Berkowitz: And therefore the nephew of—

Locke Bowman: And, therefore the nephew of [Mayor Daley].



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