Better than Sex: Berkowitz debates Illinois Policy Institute's Tillman on Obama, Gas Prices and School Choice, Web and Cable

Is President Obama responsible in large part or no part for gasoline costing $4.50 gallon?

Is President Obama hypocritical for sending his kids to private school (30K/kid) and rejecting school vouchers-school choice for DC kids ($7500/kid) ?

Can the Illinois 2012 tax hike be repealed, the state budget balanced and the 7 billion dollars in unpaid bills be handled without Draconian budget cuts?

Is there a reasonable fix for the Illinois state employee/teacher pension mess? 

Watch Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman spar with Public Affairs TV show host Jeff Berkowitz on these and many other topics  tonight throughout the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) at 8:30 pm.


You can alsowatch the show 24/7 on your computer, smart phone or other latest technological device developed primarily by Capitalism and Freedom

The show with IPI CEO Tillman was taped on Sunday, March 18, 2012



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