Watch Illinois HFS Director Julie Hamos [IL Medicaid czarina] on Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: What if you are an undocumented worker?  Do you get Medicaid?

Julie Hamos [Illinois HFS Director]: Undocumented children in Illinois get Medicaid.

Jeff Berkowitz:  What if you are an undocumented adult? You don’t?

Julie Hamos: No.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, if you are a child, you do.  Should we do that? Does that invite parents to come here because they can get better healthcare for their kids in the United States by being an undocumented worker than they can by staying in Mexico?

Julie Hamos: The [Illinois] legislature, right now, is deciding that. It’s a legislative policy because they have to vote—

Jeff Berkowitz: And, if you were there, what would you tell them to do?

Julie Hamos: You know what-- I would say children are intermixed with everybody else in classrooms, so having sick undocumented  children doesn’t really help the non-undocumented children within the classroom setting.  Children are not that expensive to serve…


Watch Julie Hamos, Director of the IL Dept of Healthcare and family services [an 18 billion dollar agency, including about 15 billion dollars for Medicaid], throughout the City of Chicago on Cable tonight on Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm, discuss and debate with "Public Affairs," show host Jeff Berkowitz medicaid reform, competition, choice and healthcare reform, monopsony power, the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency, henchman for the President, Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom, state judicial issues- including  abortion and judicial ethics, political transparency, taxes and other public policy issues, the 10th Cong. District Democratic Primary, the IL State Supreme Court Democratic Primary race and Medicaid eligibility for children of undocumented individuals in the U. S.

You can also watch the show with Julie Hamos,  24/7,  here.

You can read more about the show here, including a partial transcript.




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  • Did someone at some in sensitive hospital forget to tell him about 'PennyHealth'. Also If you aren't employed and have no means of paying for treatment the hospital will file the form and get reimbursed by medicaid.

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