Karen McConnaughay, conceal your gun and protect your teacher? The Conservative awakening in Illinois: Surges v. McConnaughay

Jeff Berkowitz: You are a down the line conservative.

Karen McConnaughay [R- St. Charles]: Yes, I am still—

Jeff Berkowitz: Ronald Reagan would be proud to have you for a daughter.

Karen McConnaughay: Yes, he would. Yes, he would.


In the Republican Primary in the 33rd Senate District (East Dundee, West Dundee, St.Charles, etc.), two purported conservatives, McConnaughay and Surges, are vying for their party’s nomination.  One, Kane County Board Chairman, Karen McConnaughay, has held political office for more than two decades and has much of the Republican establishment in her corner. The other, citizen-politician Cliff Surges, has never before held political office but probably has the edge in grass roots, tea party support in the land beyond O’Hare Airport. Is one of these candidates a faux, or at least less reliable, conservative? Is that concern and the difference in political experience the primary defining issues in this race, as well as in many primaries around the country?  It seems so. For more on this race, the career pol issue and tea parties, please go here.  You can watch Karen on Public Affairs, here and her opponent, small businessman, Cliff Surges, on Public Affairs, here.

You can watch State Senator Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), Republican Primary Candidate for the 21st District House seat, in the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs next Monday night at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21..  The Sandack appearance on Public Affairs will soon be posted here.

Concealed Carry in Illinois schools?

Jeff Berkowitz: …You would be in favor of concealed carry?

Karen McConnaughay: I am a supporter of concealed carry.

Jeff Berkowitz: Illinois is one of the few states without any type of provision for concealed carry, right?

Karen McConnaughay: It is the only one.

Jeff Berkowitz: Maybe the only one. And, you would say, if a person is licensed, if a person is trained, he eought to be able to carry a gun that’s concealed.

Karen McConnaughay: Correct.

Jeff Berkowitz: They ought to be able to go in a bar with a concealed gun, right.

Karen McConnaughay: If they meet the qualifications.

Jeff Berkowitz: If they meet the qualifications, they ought to be able to go in a church with a concealed gun, you think.

Karen McConnaughay: [Nods yes].

Jeff Berkowitz: As far as you know, you and [your Republican Primary opponent] Cliff are mano a mano, side by side, on that? [you agree?]

Karen McConnaughay: I think so.


Jeff Berkowitz: But, Milton Friedman [the late, great Nobel Prize laureate  in economics , from the University of Chicago] would point out, when you raise the cost of something, you get less of it. When you lower the cost of something, you get more….I think he would say, if you raise the cost to owning an assault weapon [by making it illegal], you will get fewer people owning them. Do you dispute that? You won’t eliminate them completely, but you will have …fewer bad guys having assault weapons and you may have fewer [innocent] people getting shot…

Karen McConnaughay: Well, you are operating under the premise that there will be less assault weapons in the hands of criminals. And I don’t necessarily—

Jeff Berkowitz: By raising the cost [to owning them].  Because, criminals react, they are rational, right?

Karen McConnaughay: No, you think that criminals are rational?

Jeff Berkowitz: All right, so you would not like to see a ban on assault weapons?

Karen McConnaughay: No [I would not].

Jeff Berkowitz: And, as far as you know, [your opponent] Cliff would agree with you on that?

Karen McConnaughay: I guess. I would assume so.


Jeff Berkowitz: You are a three pronged stool: social [conservative], economic [conservative] military [conservative], without going into that.

Karen McConnaughay: Right.

Jeff Berkowitz: You are a down the line conservative.

Karen McConnaughay: Yes, I am still—

Jeff Berkowitz: Ronald Reagan would be proud to have you for a daughter.

Karen McConnaughay: Yes, he would. Yes, he would.

Jeff Berkowitz: Or, a wife, for that matter.

Karen McConnaughay: That idea that you posed, the State of Illinois getting involved in national security issues, perish the thought, but—

Jeff Berkowitz: Yeah, probably not.

Karen McConnaughay: Probably not.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, I don’t know. Governor Quinn comes close to that, from time to time.




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