Better than Scott Pelley with Mitt Romney: Berkowitz w/ Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery on Cable and the Web

Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago Political Editor]: And, I understand why [Mayor Emanuel] backed off; It would have been a court fight...the Mayor and the Board of Education have the power to order teachers to work a longer day… so the teachers have to do that, but they’re able to bargain over money...


The “Public Affairs show,” featuring the Dean of the Chicago political media, Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery, airs tonight through-out the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable 21 (CANTV). Flannery debates and discusses political and public policy issues with show host Jeff Berkowitz, including pin-stripe patronage in the Emanuel administration; selective lack of competitive bidding in the City; if it bleeds, it leads at 9 or 10; radical reforms in education; the City's financial health; Mayor Emanuel's performance in his first 200 days as Master of the Universe—or would that be "Master Chicago" and much, much more.

You can now watch the program featuring Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery on your computer, as well as next Monday night’s “Public Affairs,” show with WLS Radio’s newest weekday morning (9 to 11:00 am ) talk show host—former Gov candidate Dan Proft (of the team--Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft).  Watch the show with Republican Party "Rebel with a cause Dan Proft," here.

Coming Attractions on "Public Affairs":

Keep your eye out for our Post Thanksgiving show- featuring former Democratic Michigan Governor and the newest addition to the Al Gore Current TV network, Jennifer Granholm.
Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago News Political Editor, Post Game comments]: What are the most out of play states…I think [Illinois is] in the same category as Utah, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi… in terms of being off the radar for the Presidential peeps…
Mike Flannery: [Mayor Emanuel] still hasn’t achieved the really hard things he needs to achieve…we’re headed over a budget cliff; we’re headed for total financial catastrophe in the City of Chicago if we don’t reign in these public employee retirement costs…the pensions, the medical benefits and it’s not just at City Hall but now CTA President Forrest Claypool has outlined the problems at the CTA and it’s the same issue there, it’s the same issue across a series of what they call the sister governments, you know—there’s all these ridiculous “work rules,” at the CTA where the operator of the Red Line can drive a train from 95th Street all the way up to Skokie, but he has to stop before he goes into the garage, before he takes the train into the building where the repairs are done…and then another guy has to take it the last 75 feet. I mean, that’s crazy…and if you work your birthday, you get 2 ½ times the normal rate.

Jeff Berkowitz: … [Chicago Teachers' Union President Karen Lewis] gave Rahm Emanuel the back of her hand and he said okay.

Mike Flannery: And, I understand why he backed off; It would have been a court fight; there would have been another round of bad publicity…and really there are only a few weeks left, Jeff for getting some more [Chicago public] schools to sign up [for a longer school day]…so, I mean, we are really at the end of the road here, so now what happens is, the real bargaining—this is the real tough stuff that Rahm promised he would do …for next year, he has the power …the contract expires June 30 of 2012; July 1, the new [Chicago Teachers’ Union] contract kicks in and the new State Law, Senate Bill 7, that the Governor signed into law a few months ago…the Mayor and the Board of Education have the power to order teachers to work a longer day… so the teachers have to do that, but they’re able to bargain over money, so you know, it’s going to be a tough, tough negotiation, maybe the toughest in a generation.

Jeff Berkowitz: But. the thing is, it almost doesn’t [matter]…what you really need to do Mike is- and you know this- you have to shake up the whole system…5 ½ good hours in a charter school is much better than 7 ½ bad hours in a [traditional] public school.
Fox Chicago News’ Mike Flannery on “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” taped on November 6, 2011.

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