Watch on cable and the web WBEZ's Wildeboer and Ex- Fed prosecutor Polales dissect, with Berkowitz, Rod Blagojevich's second trial.

Today's City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features two consecutive episodes of the TV show, "Public Affair with Jeff Berkowitz," focusing on the federal Chicago retrial of former Illinois Governor, Congressman and State Rep. Rod Blagojevich.   


The arrest, impeachment and conviction of Blagojevich, following on the heels of the arrest and conviction of  George Ryan.    


Rod Blagojevich was the second Illinois governnor in a five year time span to be indicted. Republican Governor George Ryan was a hero to many on the left for indiscriminately commuting all  those on  death row, no matter  how heinous  the  crime or how strong  the evidence  of guilt, to life without parole and instituting a moratorium on Illinois' capital punishment law that arguably led to its repeal earlier this year.  Ryan was indicted in December, 2003, one year after he left office, on public corruption chges. George Ryan, who lacked sufficient support in his own party to run for re-election, was tried, convicted and sentenced to 6 1/2 years of prison time and is now serving out that sentence in Terre Haute, Indiana.   


Rod Blagojevich, arrested on December 7, 2008, in his sixth year as Governor, and indicted the following spring by a Northern District of Illinois federal grand jury on extensive public corruption charges, was convicted last summer by the Feds  of "lying to the FBI."  Although U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, now serving in  that position for an unprecedented 10th year, alleged that Blagojevich had essentially picked up where George Ryan left off by doing "Pay to play," on steroids, the jury was hung on the remaining 23 counts of the indictment, both as to Hot Rod and as to those counts involving his brother, Robert. 


The Feds, without pausing for so much as a cup of coffee, filed a superseding indictment that dropped Rod's brother, Robert, as a defendant and included twenty counts alleging public corruption by the former Governor, who had been removed from office on January 29, 2009 by a state senate impeachment vote of 59-0.


The Democratic Governor, Blagojevich, served six years in that office before his impeachment conviction and six years as an Illinois congressman from the  5th Congressional district.  Prior to his congressional election, Blagojevich served four years in the Illinois State House. 


Featured Guests on today's shows:  WBEZ's Rob Wildeboer and Ex- Federal Prosecutor Dean Polales    


Today's Public Affairs show, hosted by Jeff Berkowitz, features  WBEZ's (91.5 FM Radio) Rob Wildeboer at 3:00 pm and ex federal prosecutor Dean Polales at 3:30 pm. The programs both  air on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) throughout the City of Chicago. The programs give the different perspectives of the guests at the time they were taped (June 12, 2011) regarding the second Blago trial. Wildeboer  and Polales discuss and debate with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz a variety of factual and legal issues relating to whether Rod is likely to get another hung jury or get significant convictions. 

The legal and public policy issues discussed in the today's programs include, among others, how the first and second Blago trials differ, the five alleged Quids Pro Quo (trading of the power of the Governor's office for personal gain) and the involvement in the trial (by prior action or reference in  the trial testimony) of  President Obama  (The "President to be" called SEIU boss  Tom Balanoff on the eve of the presidential election to request that Balanoff contact Blagojevich regarding the appointment of Obama's long time friend, supporter and adviser- Valerie Jarrett- to Obama's Senate Seat), Mayor Emanuel's trial testimony and his involvement in two of the five Quids Pro Quo alleged by the Government, Rod Blagojevich's contemplated deal with Speaker Mike Madigan  to get Rod's proposed legislation passed by the General Assembly as part of an arrangement by which Attorney General Lisa Madigan  would be appointed to Obama's Senate Seat (a legal deal, if made?), Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s testimony and activities relating to the Blagojevich's alleged attempt to sell Obama's U. S. Senate seat and Jackson's efforts to obtain that seat, and ambush interviews at "takedowns," by the FBI and U. S. Attorneys'  office of Blagojevich; Blago's then Chief-of-Staff, John Harris; and roadbuilder honcho, Jerry Krozol; and others 
intended to get confessions and "lock." the individual into specific statements about the case before they are "mirandized," "and "lawyer up."          


If you miss any portion of the Public Affairs Blagojevich marathon that is airing today or that aired earlier this week, you can watch each of the 30 minutes marathon shows here, at any time, by clicking the appropriate episode, listed in descending chronological order (Paul Meincke is the episode listed on top, with the picture of Berkowitz).  You can also choose to watch any of the last 200 episodes of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz.  The show has been airing on CANTV for more than a decade, featuring politicians and others involved in Public Policy formation, reporting and analysis.


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You can also go directly, anytime, to the Meincke show (taped on  May 28), Brackett show (taped on June 5), Wildeboer show (taped on June 12) or Polales show (taped on June 12).  


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