Better than Monday night football: Real Clear Politics' Tom Bevan and WLS' Dan Proft interviewed on Cable and the Web

Tom Bevan, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of was featured on

last night's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, airing in its regular weekly Monday night slot on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) at 8:30 pm.  When discussing the primary causes of the Democrats' loss of its majority in the House and a net loss of six U.S. Senate seats in the mid-term elections, Bevan said,

    ... [The Obama Administration and Congress] basically spent the better part of a year and a half working on [healthcare legislation] and that's why the public, especially independents, were like, 'wait a minute, we're losing jobs, unemployment is going up and healthcare is not what we should be spending our time on.'  

You can also watch the show with Tom Bevan here:

Next Monday night's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features guest Dan Proft, 2010 Republican Primary gubernatorial candidates and currently a WLS 890 AM Radio Saturday afternoon talk show host (12:00 pm to 2:00 pm with co-host Bruce Wolf). Proft and Wolf sub for Don and Roma every weekday morning this week on the Big 89 from 5:00 am to 9:00 am. 

In that show taped on Nov. 14, 2010, while discussing potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates to take on President Obama, Proft said:

What's important is that [Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels] provides a perfect negative contrast to Barack Obama, so where Obama is all sizzle and no steak, Mitch Daniels is all steak and no sizzle...

Berkowitz: don't think sizzle counts in politics?

Proft: It's not that it counts. It's contrast. So, you present people with a choice-- in a way that John McCain didn't.

Berkowitz: I've heard you say issue contrast before. I've never heard you say charisma contrast. So, lack of charisma is a good thing because it contrasts with the charisma of Barack Obama? Is that what you are telling me?

Proft: it can be. It can be. Somebody is--

Berkowitz: Can you cite any examples of where that was true?

Proft: Look...somebody like Daniels essentially becomes the adult in the room.

You can soon go here to watch the show with Proft on the web.  












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