Berkowitz Demo DVD, featuring Berkowitz interviewing Obama, Emanuel, McCain and Rove; Berkowitz interviewed by O'Reilly, Colmes and New York Times; and much more.

A decade of "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz";


Know a program director or general manager who needs to boost his station's  ratings?  Know someone in TV or radio who needs a host who has booked great guests weekly for the last decade? Know someone in TV or Radio who needs a host who has made politics and current events exciting every week for the last decade?     


Send him or her the link to this Demo DVD; the fastest ten minutes on the web;  


Includes clips of interviews by Berkowitz with: 


Barack Obama on healthcare, the pledge of allegiance, school vouchers and more; 


Rahm Emanuel on how Rahm would have voted on the Iraq War Powers Resolution;


Chris Matthews on whether the State can ban abortion;


Jan Schakowsky on the elections in Iraq;


Sandi Jackson on gun control;


Bill Richardson on Hillary Clinton and national security;


and David Hoffman on Alexi Giannoulias;


Berkowitz questioned by Bill O'Reilly on Obama;


by Colmes on Obama;


Berkowitz with John McCain on the Bush tax cuts


Berkowitz with Karl Rove on Sarah Palin and much more


© 2010, Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz


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