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Gov. Quinn to ask this afternoon for downstater Sheila Simon to be his running mate

Governor Quinn has backed away from his first choice for his Lt.Gov. running mate on the Democratic ticket, State Senator Susan Garrett (D-Lake Forest).  According to  senior Democratic operatives, very close to the Democratic State Central Committee, Gov. Quinn was frustrated by Senator Garrett’s reluctance to be a team player and come out, whole hog, for his proposed income tax... Read more »

Getting to know likely IL Lt. Gov nominee Senator Susan Garrett. Watch her on "Public Affairs."

The momentum is strong for the IL Democratic Party’s State Central Committee to choose, this Saturday, Senator Susan Garrett (D-Lake Forest), a 12th year State legislator, as the Party’s running mate for Gov. Pat Quinn. Quinn seems to think the early polls are right and that he is lagging State Senator Bill Brady(R-Bloomington) in the race for... Read more »

Paul Green, professor and pundit, featured this week on "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz."

This week’s featured guest on “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” is Paul Green, Roosevelt University Professor and WGN political analyst. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21. Topics include the selection of a replacement Lt. Gov. nominee [Forrest Claypool? Sheila Simon? Rep. Turner? Others?] for the Democratic Party; Potential state... Read more »

Berkowitz Demo DVD, featuring Berkowitz interviewing Obama, Emanuel, McCain and Rove; Berkowitz interviewed by O'Reilly, Colmes and New York Times; and much more.

A decade of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz”;   Know a program director or general manager who needs to boost his station’s  ratings?  Know someone in TV or radio who needs a host who has booked great guests weekly for the last decade? Know someone in TV or Radio who needs a host who has made... Read more »

Reaponding to Gov. Quinn's proposed budget: Reform, New ideas and No New Taxes.

Gov. Quinn delivered an essentially status quo budget yesterday. It should be treated as dead on arrival. His education cuts of ten percent are not intended to solve the deficit problem. They are intended, instead, to motivate the teachers unions, the PTAs, the Illinois Association of School Boards, etc. to lobby for Quinn’s proposed 33%... Read more »

Gov. Pat Quinn's Budget, Sen. Brady's Message and the Mainstream Media

  Tomorrow is the big day.  Governor Quinn is supposed to lay out his Fiscal 2011 budget for the State of Illinois.  The last time he did this, he had only recently moved up from Lt. Gov. to Governor, and the budget was still, in a sense Gov. Blagojevich’s budget, except for the income tax... Read more »

President Obama, the science President?

Wasn’t Barack Obama going to be the science President. That is, he was going to let science and empirical data guide the policies of his administration, unlike the approach taken by his predecessor, candidate Obama argued.    So, speaking about healthcare and health insurance at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania today, President Obama said:  ... Read more »

Sen. Brady v. Gov. Quinn: A choice, not an echo, on taxes, reform and job creation.

Thirty-one days after the election, a few hours after the Illinois Board of Elections certified him the winner of the Illinois Republican gubernatorial primary by the margin of 193 votes and an hour after Senator Dillard gracefully chose not to ask for a recount, downstate Senator Bill Brady, 48, stood with his wife, Nancy, and... Read more »

The morning political buzz-- Bill Brady likely to become Republican gubernatorial nominee this afternoon

It is expected that the Illinois Board of Elections will certify State Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) this morning as the Illinois Republican nominee for Governor, 31 days after the Primary election.  The margin of victory is expected to be in the 200 vote range. Further, it is expected that the runner-up to Brady in the six candidate field,... Read more »

Did Carol Marin challenge and engage Alexi Giannoulias enough on his "Broadway Bank facts."

The Carol Marin interview last night on Chicago Tonight (WTTW) seemed, on its face, to cover all bases. You wouldn’t say that Marin was throwing softballs at Alexi Giannoulias, State Treasurer and the Democratic Party’s U. S. Senate Candidate nominee. But, as you watched the twenty-three minute interview (usually Chicago Tonight keeps these segments to fifteen... Read more »