Do the Democrats really think Bill Brady would be easy to beat?

Salivating for Brady?

Eric Zorn, and no doubt many others in the largely left of center mainstream media ("MSM"), appears to be salivating at the prospect that Senator Bill Brady will hang on to his 400 vote lead over Senator Dillard.  But, Zorn says the Democrats are the ones who would much rather have their guy, Quinn, for Governor face Brady than Senator Dillard. According to Zorn, the Dems want Brady because they think he will present a much sharper and juicier target on the social issues than would Dillard. [Of course, with the latest developments regarding the Democrats' Lt. Gov. nominee, Scott Lee Cohen, the differences between Dillard and Brady are looking like small potatoes relative to the Dem's Cohen headache; While we are on the topic of Cohen, didn't any of the Democratic candidates for Lt. Gov have an inkling that Cohen might try to buy the office and think it might be worthwhile to research Cohen's background. For example, Art Turner, maybe? Do you think one of Quinn's or Hynes's staffers might have found it worthwhile to check Cohen out?]. 

But remember, all during the Republican Guv primary, it was the liberal MSM (not the Democratic Party), who were referring to Dillard as the "Moderate," in the field. Of course, the only real "social moderate," in the Republican Guv Primary was Bob Schillerstrom, Chairman of the DuPage County Board, who was the only one of the seven Republican candidates who is Pro-Choice on abortion [Schillerstrom got little traction and dropped out during the last two weeks of the race, but he remained on the ballot-collecting about seven thousand votes on Tuesday]. 

Is Dillard a Moderate? More moderate than Brady?

Dillard is pro-life on abortion, by most definitions. He favors the law allowing a woman to have an abortion, not only if her life is at issue, as does Brady, but also if she is the victim of rape and incest.  Nevertheless, Dillard would like to restrict abortions to those three exceptions, overturning Roe v. Wade.  Senator Dillard has a lot of support among the Pro-Life community, and he will tell you--he has a voting record that explains why he gets that support.  Dillard is no "moderate," on abortion. Calling Dillard moderate on abortion is as wrong as calling Pat Quinn or Dan Hynes Pro-Life. It just isn't so.      

Embryonic Stem Cell Research and the Dillard cameo for Obama

However, Dillard does support some government funding of embryonic stem cell research.  The Pro-Life community vigorously disapproves of that position, but they are not ready to call Dillard a "moderate," or a Pro-choicer on abortion.  Another reason why the MSM call Dillard a "moderate," is that he did a cameo saying some nice things about Obama in a TV ad used in the Iowa Presidential Caucus. 

Dillard said he did that cameo because Obama worked with Dillard on ethics and capital punishment reform in the State legislature and he thought he owed Obama a few honest statements about some of Obama's positive legislative abilities-- with those statements to be used by Obama only in the Democratic Presidential Primary.  Dillard says he worked hard for McCain in his 2008 Presidential bid, was a McCain delegate and his statements about Obama were never to be used as an endorsement of Obama-- and clearly not for the general election. Further, by all accounts, they never were used by Obama for the general election.      

Gays, Guns, God and Creationism

The same gay rights legislation that Zorn says Brady opposed was opposed by all, but three, Republican state senators. And, Dillard was not one of the three [They were Althoff, Rutherford and Rodogno]. So, not a lot of "moderation," there.  

Dillard may be slightly less of a 2nd Amendment guy than Brady, but only marginally so. Oh yeah, I suppose Dillard is more "moderate," than Brady on School Prayer and teaching creationism. I will give Zorn that, if moderate is the right word to use. Although, I believe Brady defends his position on teaching creationism on the basis of giving local school boards autonomy, not on his having any opposition to teaching evolution. Local government autonomy from the state and federal government is a well respected opinion, even among many independents and Democrats.

Brady: A non-scary conservative?

In short, Senator Brady can easily argue to the Illinois electorate that he is a consistent, non-scary conservative and his focus is on economic issues and removing public corruption, which is probably the focus of the Illinois electorate.

Quinn: A conservative?

Indeed, Phil Ponce asked Governor Quinn on Chicago Tonight last night if Quinn would rather have "a conservative like Senator Brady as an opponent than a more centrist candidate like Kirk Dillard."  Quinn responded, "They are both conservative.  There is nothing wrong with that, I am pretty conservative on a lot of things..."        
Moreover, when you come down to it, Bill Brady is no Alan Keyes. He will not turn the campaign for Governor into a Pentecostal Revival, no matter how much the MSM and the Democratic Party would like him to do that.

The Brady Presser: Focusing on jobs

The below might be instructive as to how Sen. Brady could emphasize job growth in a hypothetical Press Conference.

Liberal member of the MSM: Isn't it true, Senator Brady, that you would be focused, as Governor, on taking away a woman's absolute right to choose when, how and where to have an abortion-- a right she now has as a complete right any time prior to childbirth.     

Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington):  Actually, my main focus as Governor would be on restoring job growth to Illinois.  We do that by lowering taxes, not raising taxes, as my opponent has been doing, with the Democrat party, for the last seven years, and wants to do more of, if elected. We do that by giving tax credits to private employers who create jobs. By the way, that private job creation not only helps reduce the state budget deficit by generating tax revenue for the state, but it also helps the state by providing private sector health insurance for our citizens. Moreover, my friend and colleague, Senator Dillard, has also endorsed this proposal of mine for "new job tax credits."   

Senator Bill Brady:  Continuing on the jobs issue, we will also create jobs by lowering the state regulatory, fee and tax burden that drives business out of or away from our state. As you know, under the Blagojevich-Quinn Administration, numerous fees and taxes were imposed both on large and small businesses in Illinois, driving enterprise and jobs out of the state.

Senator Bill Brady:  Continuing on our focus on jobs, we will also create jobs by not telling prospective employers that we are going to raise income taxes on their employees during a recession, as my opponent advocates.

Senator Bill Brady:  Oh yes, I do believe in the sanctity of every life, no matter the income, race or actions of the parent; no matter the potential disability of the child. However, in light of recent Supreme Court rulings, I don't think our legislature will be focusing much on the issue of abortion. But, I can guarantee you, under my administration, we will be focusing on creating a strong, healthy environment for our private sector employers to create jobs and opportunities for all of our citizens. That is my job and I intend to do it well. 

Senator Bill Brady:  All right, ladies and gentlemen, next question?

Well, Eric, I think Senator Brady can do the above, don't you? Even I could do this, falling out of bed. It won't be a challenge for the Bill Brady I have covered [Watch show w/Brady] for a number of years. Of course, as you know, I am not saying that I am endorsing Bill Brady because as you know I don't endorse--Democrats or Republicans. I am just saying


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  • Mention of Brady's belief in, and support of, creationism gets shrugged off with a half sentence. But, Brady's stated intention to encourage teaching of creationism in public schools is a fault line that should not be crossed. Creationism is not an "alternative" to science and the scientific method; it is Bronze Age mythology that has no place in public school science education. The U.S. altready ranks somewhere at about the level of Bosnia in science comprehension of public school students. How much worse should we make it? Maybe it doesn't make any difference if we bring over enough Chinese, Japanese and Indian science graduatres to do our science for us.

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