UK's Yourwellness Magazine Advises PTSD Patients on Rebuilding Relationships

Article focuses on military PTSD, but offers helpful advice for others...

Yourwellness Magazine gave PTSD sufferers four ways to create and maintain successful intimate relationships:

1. Establish a personal support network. A strong team of professionals can help with the PTSD while the patient maintains or rebuilds relationships with family and friends.

2. Create a safe environment in which to share feelings. It may be helpful to lay down certain ground rules in order to set the tone and ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. Keep at it. Recovering from the emotional trauma of PTSD can be a lengthy process, which means continually strengthening relationship skills, with particular regard to cooperation, problem-solving and communication.

4. Have fun. Relationships aren’t all about feelings and deep chats; they’re also about enjoying life together.

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