Win The Hottest Ticket In Town

    This weekend, I’ll be attending the ‘Grammys‘ of the beauty industry, and words can’t describe the excitement I feel! The Makeup Show  travels around the world making stops in LA, NYC, Europe and Chicago, bringing together the most talented artists in the beauty biz. The show provides a unique opportunity for beauty addicts... Read more »

Rain Cosmetics Is The Official Cosmetics Sponsor for Miss USA 2011 Pageant

Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011 Amber-Joi Watkins
    With pageant season in full swing, I just learned that Rain Cosmetics is the official cosmetics sponsor for both the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. The luxury brand is the very first cosmetic line to open in Las Vegas, inspired by the ”Sin City” nightlife. According to the brands website, the products are “richly pigmented and (have) high-definition finishes,” which is perfect for any... Read more »

Beauty Icon, Marilyn Monroe Would Have Turned 85

  I’m one day behind on wishing my favorite beauty icon, the late Marilyn Monroe, a happy birthday. August 5th will mark the 49th anniversary of star’s death, she still lives on as one of the most influential women in the beauty industry. If the “blonde bombshell” were still alive, I have no doubt in my mind that she would celebrate her 85th birthday by... Read more »

Real Men Primp

  Nothing excites me more than seeing a man with great skin.There’s something about a smooth, well hydrated and even-toned complexion that makes my heart skip a beat, or two or three. Some of Hollywood’s top celebrities achieve flawless skin by using brands such as Clinique, Neutrogena, L’Oreal  and Zirth.  So, let us pay homage... Read more »

Forget the Fashion...It's All about the Makeup

  I love fashion just as much as the next guy or gal, but every time I see celebs on the red carpet, or in this case, in an ad for a casting call, I think about the makeup artist and their creative vision for the model’s look. Have you ever notice that there’s little... Read more »

Hidden Beauty Gem: George - The Salon

    It’s always nice to stumble across hidden gems in the city, especially when they relate to the beauty industry. George Gonzalez, owner of George – The Salon  and hairstylist for HARPO recently held a swanky cocktail party at the “not-so-obvious” beauty space in River North. A warm and inviting space welcomes you once you... Read more »

And The Winner Is...

    A very special THANK YOU to everyone that played “Beauty Trivia” last Tuesday on the Kyles Files!  Tons of great answers and effort, but unfortunately, I can only choose one winner.  The Question: What cosmetic Pioneer is also known as “Florence Nightingale Graham?” The Answer: Elizabeth Adren. The Winner: Victoria Olivares!  Congratulations!  Guaranteed... Read more »

Guess Who's Back...

  Greetings!  After a beautiful and restful vacation, “Pretty in the Windy City” returns tomorrow with a VERY SPECIAL CELEBRITY post on the Kyles Files! Make sure to tune in tomorrow and every Tuesday for makeup and skincare tips and all things beauty related in the windy city!     

Macy's Water Tower Place Acquires a Multi-Million Dollar Facelift

  Makeovers are always necessary and the late pioneer of soul music, Sam Cooke, sung it best in 1964 when he recorded, “A Change Is Gonna Come.” On May 13, 2011 the country’s first vertical shopping center, Macy’s Water Tower Place, revealed their sparkly, multi-million dollar facelift to tourists and local residents. Glamorous, modern and... Read more »

Give Your Skin a Birthday Present

    While we toast rising temps in Chicago and the celebration of my 21st birthday today, let’s make a commitment to rev up our skincare regimen by shielding our skin against the long-term effects of overexposure to harmful UVA/UVB rays.  May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the best gift you can give your... Read more »